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Is there a diet that will rid acne in a week?

Asked by freckles (363points) April 11th, 2010

I have had acne far to long I am ready to just get rid completely. Is there anything, even if it takes lots of discipline, that will eliminate it in a week?THANKS!

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Not necessarily get rid of acne but it will help lower the number of incidents. Stay away from all greasy fried foods, and fast food, also stay away from chocolate and sweets.

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Nothing. Your best bet is Accutane. The idea the greasy foods cause acne has been proven false.

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@syzygy2600 My skin is naturally oily. If I have a lot of greasy food I instantly break out. Even at 48.
I think with some people it just comes out of their pores. link

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Acne is tricky. Many times caused by a combination of hormones and bacteria on the skin. I can’t see your acne, so I don’t know how bad it is, but a trick that works for me is put some alcohol on the pimple twice a day, and then a light lotion to keep it moisturized if you have very dry skin. If you are oily anyway, you might not need the lotion. For me my people would go away within a week. Food you will have to figure out for yourself probably over time. Eliminate certain foods and see if it helps.

If your pimples are on your chin and cheek, you could be getting them from your phone. Don’t keep your phone against your face hen talking, and clean it off every so often.

If your acne is severe and persistant Accutane is the magical cure as @syzygy2600 but I am going to guess that you just a have a few pimples since you asked this question. People will chronic acne would not think food would fix it in a week.

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really fatty foods too, for example they may be healthy but buts especially peanuts, cashews things like that have a lot of fat. And it’s not just about your diet, but what do you do to take care of your skin? the products you use are a huge factor. probably the biggest. if they arent helping then something must be going wrong. i used to have bad acne, it was seasonal, but it would get bad sometimes. i treid a bunch of different products, which is good for your skin. Then some products only deal with the ance, and dont help prevent it. i would start cleaning my face a lot but then as it turns out, the more you clean your face, the more you dry it out, and the more your face rpoduces more oil. I found out i had a hormonal imbalance and now that its been almost 2 years, with the correct medication to get back on track, i havent had my “seasonal breakout”. It actually turned out acne is a huge symptom from hormonal imbalance, along with other things ofcours. I’m not saying you do or you don’t have the same thing I do, im just saying there is a reason you get it, and why it’s not going away no matter what you do. your body is trying to tell you something.

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Diet can and almost always does effect common acne, I believe. A good diet may show positive effects within a week, it did for me on more than one occasion. Don’t eat anything that has a high amount of fat or a high amount of sugar in it. The oils in your blood can feed the bacteria, (I’m guessing) and so can the sugar. Keeping your face clean (not dry), and keeping the nutrient levels in your blood stable (not high, not low) should help. Might as well try it, it’s healthy to do anyway even if it doesn’t help acne much. but I really think it will

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eat healthily, surely you know what that means.
and drink TONS of water.

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Dermatologists have stuff they can prescribe that helps kill off the bacteria, that may be useful while you look for long-term methods of keeping it off through healthy diet, sunlight, etc.. From what I’ve heard though, a lot of dermatologists (at least used to) don’t give much credit to diet in treating acne.

@JONESGH drinking too much water is a bad thing. . . drink enough, it wont hurt if you drink a little more than you need, but don’t gorge on anything. even water.

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One diet type of thing that makes sense to me as I think it through is people who are off on their sugars, can have PCOS, and a diabetic diet can help that. PCOS also causes higher testerone, which can lead to acne. I am assuming you are a female. Do you cycle regularly? Have you had ovarian cysts?

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@zophu true. I mostly mean drink water in place of what you would normally drink.

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yeah eat healthy, non fatty/oily stuff if you can.
also frequently wash your face (at least morning and night) with soap. next put cold water on your face, dry it off (don’t rub with a towel, pat it dry) and then use some astringent to really open up your pores. easy to find, and easy to use: just pour some on a cotton ball and press/dab across your face.

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Not rid it, but help. Eat only steamed vegetables and use white Dial soap followed by an astringent. Also use a product with peroxide or straight peroxide when you go to bed. You will see improvement within a week.

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I don’t know if that was a jab specifically at me based on past drunken posts I’ve made, but I drink plenty of water with my poison.

Whiskey makes great astringent by the way.

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@zophu umm no, it wasn’t that was a general you. thought it was pretty obvious >>

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yeah, I thought so. just covering all grounds. :)

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No grease, no sugar, no simple carbs.

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If you want some more information on Accutane and other similar things, there are some useful opinions here. I might also add that a facial scrub (the St. Ives apricot scrub is fairly popular, although I myself don’t use it) might help.

Habits for the future: avoid touching your face (bacteria on your fingers will jump to your face, it’s just generally icky), and like other people have said, drink a lot of water and eat proper foods. If you have bangs or floppyish hair, consider pinning it away from your face when you’re at home.

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No diet will rid acne in a week, but eating healthy does help your skin. Adding more leafy, green veggies and less grease will help. Also, try taking Vitamin E supplements-this is the supplement that helps with skin health. You can definetely benefit from going to a dermatologist, but I would really steer clear from Accutane, it’s been linked to some really serious disorders . Best of luck-I know your frustration well.

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