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what do you do if youre bored in a relationship?

Asked by Truet (21points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been with this girl on and off for close to two and a half years and right now I’m bored out of my mind.

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Uh…end the relationship.

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Meet some new friends to do something different with them. Or just buy a Wii.

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…....break up with her? Quit going back to her?

Either that or just try fetishplay.

You’d be surprised how entertaining handcuffs, blindfolds, and gags can be. (If you’re more vanilla.)

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try new activities, fetish play is good (^_~)
when our relationship was too comfortable we invested some money in outfits, etc.

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What got you into the relationship in the first place?

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be honest and fair and have the courage to break up.

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Find a way to regain interest in the relationship, or end it and look for another one.

Staying in a relationship that isn’t working for you is never a good thing.

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If you have no interest in spicing it up or salvaging the relationship, be a real man, break it to her gently and move on so she can move on with her life. It’s only fair. How hurt do you think she would feel if she knew how “bored” you were with her? Then by all means, let her go so she can meet someone who appreciates her. Clean break & be nice about it. Neither one of you should be settling, so it looks like this relationship has run it’s course. Good luck to you AND her.

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you should never lead a girl on like that if youre bored in the means you lost interest in her..theres no more sparks in that say end it

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