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Have you ever hosted a disastrous party?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) April 11th, 2010

If so, was it your fault?
What happened?

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I throw great memorable parties! lol

My last big bash last summer resulted in one of the bands lead guitar player and my good friend falling in olve. Still going strong almost a year later!

This year will be ‘Burning Goose’ XP lolol

Yep…tables & tables of food, live music on my property, camping and kegs of Sierra Nevada pale ale, boatloads of the local grape and plenty of peace pipe moments. haha

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More like I was forced to have my parents host my 14th birthday “party”. Before that I hadn’t had a party since I was 5 lol

It was a complete failure. The ony reason anyone stayed more than an hour was because they were hungry and the food wasn’t done. I was only allowed to have 5 people over. It sucked.

So I’d say…. NOT my fault haha if it were up to me, my party would be one big giant dance floor with yummy food on the side. Nuff said :)

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I was part of a “hosting team” for a huge birthday bash for my brother’s new wife a few years back. I was in charge of the catering. No one told me she was allergic to peanuts. She left in an ambulance. I felt like a douche. :/

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Though I am still recognized among friends as the finest party-hoster in all the land, things do mess up now and again.

usually though it is one or two dudes hogging the video games all night.

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Would a wedding reception count? It was sort of a disaster. (The marriage, I mean. Everyone loved the reception—and we even catered the damn thing ourselves. Impressed the shit out of me, it did.)

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Yes. When I was married to my 1st husband he was a medical student. He invited 3 couples for dinner. I was very excited and prepared a big dinner. Just before they were to arrive, my husband had to run out to get some wine. I had never met any of these people mind you. The first couple arrived and I introduced myself and invited them in. Asked the if they would care for a drink? Whoa…they didn’t speak English. I only spoke English. My husband forgot to tell me. I motioned for them to sit, and went promptly to the kitchen and mixed a batch of martini’s. Tossed one down and took them one. Second couple arrived, same thing. Ditto another martini. Husband arrived, shot him a slight glare, followed with a smile and then met the third non English speaking couple. He could speak all of their languages, so all was good for them and him. I served dinner and went to my room with a pounding migraine. That was 45 years ago, and I remember it as if it was yesterday.

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I had an after-party of sorts at my house that was a complete failure.
Once people realized I wasn’t going to break out any booze, they took off.
It was sad. I had made cookies and everything.
And spent all day cleaning the carpet.

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ooh. sorry, what kind of cookies. yum.

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Chocolate chip.

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yum gimme some. sorry your friends ran out on you.

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yeah….pretty much every single one of my birthday parties have been terribly awkward, if not disastrous. My mom gets stressed out really easily, and it usually gets pretty awkward about which friends I invite. And then I usually end up hosting my own birthday party, even though my mom’s telling me that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

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I am glad to say that I have never hosted a disastrous party.
Over the years I have become more and more organised, I have lots of lists, prepare as much food as possible in advance, and get plenty of rest before the party.

Oooooh I feel like hosting another party again soon after writing this LOLL

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I was known for my great parties in college. Not ragers, but get-togethers with excellent music, beverages, and snacks. But once I threw a party that for some reason turned into a bunch of girls gossiping in my room. A group of guys showed up and fled in terror.

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