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Does anybody here know if this actually works? (See details)

Asked by Trillian (21126points) April 11th, 2010

I quit my second full time job at the beginning of February and now I’m looking again. My youngest daughter is staying with her Dad in Oregon and he was going to keep her until I finished school, but she’s miserable and wants to come home. Yikes!
I was wondering about this “Google biz kit” that I keep seeing advertised. For a minimal amount you can get the kit and “post links” and supposedly make lots of money from home. There is another kit that they recommend that you get for another three or four dollars that used in conjunction with the Google kit earns you the optimum.
Has anybody tried this? What is required? I’d really like to net a few extra dollars from home if I can manage it, so I could work around my school schedule.
If anyone knows anything about this or another efficacious method of earning from home, I’d appreciate the input.

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If it were true, who would not be doing it?

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I have not tried it!
But I would say that if the system you find is on a website with a 10,000 height to width ratio, with pictures of brand new red convertibles and mansions, then it is a Lie!

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Become a Medical Transcriptionist!
Make $40,000 in your spare time!
Set your own hours!

The photo in the Weekender Magazine showed a smiling blonde lady with a pearl necklace (and a smashing ‘do!) and a smiling, well-fed child playing at the keyboard with her—or maybe the child was doing some data entry; that part wasn’t clear. I saw it in the paper, so it must be true. (Can your daughter type, by the way?)

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Sigh. I guess I should have specified. I’d like to hear from people who have tried this, know someone who has or have something helpful to say about online incomes.

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If you own a website with lots of traffic, then ads could make some money if that’s what this google biz thing is. But, otherwise? I wouldn’t waste time with spamming other people’s sites. Is that what you’re asking?

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Try checking this site out. I haven’t tried it but this site has reviewed it.

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Yeah, no. I’ve seen several atricles showing that they are scams. These type of programs are usually covered in hidden fees and the like. The fact that it’s not connected to Google at all doesn’t make it look any better.

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Just start yard saleing and sell things on ebay! You’d be surprised how much you can make if you can pick out the right items to list

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@GingerMinx thank you for the link. Appreciated!

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@crazyzo2000 I used to do that for a living, and I can say with some genuine authority that it is nowhere near as easy as it used to be. eBay has tilted the scales toward large-volume sellers and away from auctions.

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This is true, I have heard it’s gotten harder. My mom’s still doing a pretty decent job at it though. It’s her main source of income right now. She’s been doing it for a really long time so she could be home with me as I was growing up.

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There is no such thing as a work-at-home-opportunity that will earn you as much as a minimum wage job. When I was a teen, I must have looked at thousands of these things, and I realized not a single one of them was legitimate or viable.

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@Trillian You’re welcome. :)

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