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What is your opinion of Gordon Brown (current - UK PM)?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25251points) April 11th, 2010

With the general election fast approaching it is no secret that many, many people are extremely fed up with the Labour governement. I am one of these people but I can’t help feeling quite sorry for Gordon Brown. He was handed a whole sack of shit when Tony Blair left no.11 and seems to have spent his whole time as Prime Minister resembling a deer caught in the headlights! However, whilst I don’t think that he is particular suited to run the country I can’t help feeling that he is a genuinly decent chap (which is more than I can say about my feelings for David Cameron!). A good way of explaining my feelings about Gordon Brown is this: a friend of mine recently called him a wanker to which I replied that he may be a bumbling fool but to call him a wanker implies that he is a bad human being and I don’t think he deserves that harsh an insult. What do others think?

I apologise if this question alienates anyone but the British amongst us, I don’t mean to do this but I have thought quite a lot about this in the recent months with all the news of late!

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Better than that toff David Cameron.

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I only know him from watching Prime Minister’s Question Time on the Beeb, but I read the news. Labor has accomplished a great deal in reversing the damage from the Thatcher years, and the Tories have no new ideas. Who was that Aristo who whined about being in a coach class train? The people had smelly children, and were active while he was trying to read his portfolio.

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@dpworkin I’d love to see the Lib Dems have a go but, like many others across the country, I’m wondering if that would be a wasted vote!

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I have a knee-jerk support of Labour generally, too. over the Conservatives, although I know Gordon Brown is very unpopular. I was going to ask ‘isn’t there a thrid party?” but I see you just answered that. It’s always the question, “Do you hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils or go with – if there is one – a thrid party candidate and risk throwing away your vote?” Run-off elections would solve that problem.

BTW, don’t be apologetic about asking a Brit-oriented quesion, we are far too Ameri-centric on Fluther often.

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The Lib Dems just can’t form a Government. Labour still can, and the Tories could, but seem to be squandering the advantage they got from Brown’s bumbling.

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But is it like Israel, wher a minority party who gets representation can have power by siding with one of the major parties?

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They have too much hostility in their past relations to be able to form a govt unless they do pretty damned well.

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Unlike the Israelis?

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The Israelis, as you know, have to depend upon the extreme right wing, and the extreme Orthodox.

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He resembles a sad face drawn on a testicle & apparently bullies staff at No.10.It’s looking increasingly likely there’ll be a hung parliament come May 6th, interesting how it will pan out. We shall see.

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Gordon Brown is welcome relief from Tony Bluergh, and the better man for the job over David Macaroon. People tend to forget that Gordon Brown has a history in economics, and is highly qualified to help lead Britain out of the financial downturn. He has already made strides toward doing this, a case in point being the banks bail-out. The reasons for his lack of popularity seem politically shallow, and while his public persona may not be as captivating as the oily and ingratiating Cameron, this is not a good enough reason to discount him. The thought that the Tories very well might regain power in the coming election is very discomforting indeed.

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@ucme i’d like to see a hung parliament, preferably from the lamp posts outside Westminster. Of course Tony Blair will never be forgiven for the Wars, but i don’t really hold Gordon Brown accountable for that, he was pretty mute during the whole process. Apart from the fact that he looks like the Joker from Batman, he is preferable to David Cameron; a soapy little twat, trying to slip into the hot seat, personally i can’t see it. His wife is straight out of Stepford and he has absolutely nothing to say, good or bad, just a complete non entity, realistically though is anyone going to want the current economy, one of the most powerful and precarious economies in the world, handed over to a callow, inexperienced public school brat who never done a days work in their life, like some Aristocratic heredi(tory) title. Inconceivable. The best comment i heard of recently was this; Cameron is a phony Gordon Brown is clearly uncomfortable with being Phony. Perfect summary. Sadly for British politics the political landscape is Homogeneous, when old labour were expunged, so we don’t have the counterbalance in place anymore. Never a frown :( with Gordon Brown

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In a way I’m like you…. I do think he receives far too many personal attacks, which is unfair. That being said I do believe he is a liar & a coward who folds when the pressure is on. If Labour had chosen a new leader I would have very little issue with voting for them. However I just can’t vote for a man who has no legitimacy & is too afraid to ask for it until the very last min.
I quite like Cameron as a personality…. but I’ll never vote Conservative after living through the Major years.
& I would be enthusiastically voting Lib Dem if Vince Cable were leader. As it is I’ll have to rather begrudgingly vote for them.

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