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Do straight men get their nipples pierced?

Asked by jbran (100points) April 11th, 2010

I am curious as to if straight men get their nipples pierced. It is mostly a curiosity thing. I have a friend who is considering doing this and he is straight. ( no it is not me)

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If a straight man wants his nipples pierced then he should get his nipples pierced regardless of if it is the social norm or not. No ones gonna see it anyhow except those close to him, if thats what he’s worried about.

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“no it is not me”
You mean you are not straight or you are not the one who gets his nipples pierced?

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Who gives a shit what other people do? Do what you want.

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No. They go with clip-ons.

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Yup. they’re fun.

And aside from having sexual feelings toward other men, I don’t think there’s anything that a man doesn’t do because he’s straight.

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I’m a straight man and I do not plan on piercing my nipples.
so the best answer I can give you is “Not all of them”.

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I am not the one getting my nipples pierced. I am straight by the way.

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The question should not be “straight or gay”. It should be “sane or not”.

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I know a straight guy with one of his nipples pierced. He’s very much your stereotypical hunk too. Very toned and masculine. Very nice, normal dude. Although, I believe technically there is a certain side to get pierced that can sometimes indicate sexual preference. At least with earrings.

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“I have a friend who is considering doing this and he is straight.”
Well, there you have it.

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I’m sorry for having been so glib, but I just don’t see what this has to do in any way with sexual preference. It seems like a very old fashioned concern, and it’s about time it were retired.

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I told my friend I would do some research because he was worried about that. Although he will go through with it anyway. I do know that there are women who are straight and who are gay have pierced there nipples. I also realize that alot of straight guys pierce both ears now a days. I may get mine pierced eventually also. I have not decided for sure but have considered it.

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All comments on the appropriateness of this question aside, I know a lot of people who have turned their bodies into pincushions in varying ways, and the only people I know with pierced nipples are straight men.

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@worriedguy The question should not be “straight or gay”. It should be “sane or not”

The perfect answer…...

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I am sure that their are straight men who do so. I however I don’t for piercings.

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@jbran has the right to ask any question he wants to ask and any comments about whether you think his question is appropriate is off topic. Whether or not it’s appropriate is none of our business. He asked it, so we should either answer it directly or not comment.

No, this straight guy does not get his nipples pierced and I agree with @worriedguy that you gotta be insane to do it….same goes for women as far as I’m concerned, nothing turns me off quicker than a pierced nipple.

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Hey @plethora. Bite me, hall monitor.

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Maybe I could have worded the question a little differently. I know women get their nipples pierced, not all women but some. I dont know which sexuality they prefer either. I think people of both sexes regardless of sexual preference have piercings in there nipples. It also applies to piercings in other parts of the body. People will pierce what they want regardless of gender or sexual preference.

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Sexuality shouldn’t matter.

It’s just a piercing, like ear or nose, just different locations.
Guys and girls get them. Straight or homosexual.

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Yes I realize that now. Kismet if you see the comment that I posted before yours I addressed that. I should have worded the question differently. I was not trying to offend anyone’s sexuality.

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@jbran I see that now, and I understand!
It happens! :)

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Yes it does happen. Thats cool though.

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@dpworkin OK….you gotta understand that the mods have turned me into a straight guy these days, so now I’m hypersensitive about the rules…:) Totally out of character for me. I was pissed about all the sexuality political correctness I was seeing on the thread, which again was not the answer to his question, but thought I might get whacked if I said anything about it. Sorry…i;ll try to be a very good beagle.

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I’d feel a right tit if I had that done.

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Yes they do. Its kinda hot.

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Yes they do – I know several straight men (myself included) who have had their nipples pierced. It gets my engine revved up when they are played with. My good lady loves playing with them.

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Who cares if his straight or not! Im straight and have two kids and have both my nipples pierced!

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Getting nipples pierced is for wusses. Real men get a 10-penny nail through their most intimate possession. Step up to the plate guys.

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Nipple piercings can look good on anyone, and anyone can enjoy the additional stimulation achieved. What exactly is homosexual about body modification, or enjoying nipple stimulation? I’m actually afraid I don’t understand the connection you’re making, or even the stereotype you’re reaching for…

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