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Need craft ideas to sell...

Asked by Qwertymuffin411 (550points) April 11th, 2010

Looking for crafts that are relatively easy/inexpensive to make, but that always sell really well. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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knit or crochet blankets and hats.
That’s how I made my money to buy Christmas presents.

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@shego What is your favorite thing to crochet?

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I love to crochet hats. It very quick, and takes less than two hours for me to make one.

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Anything relatively easy/inexpensive to make, but that always sell really well will be made by China in the billions.

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Make jewelry! With wire and beads. Bada-bing.
*Earrings are super easy. You can just buy the “hat pin” type pieces where you pretty much only have to put the beads on and twist it onto the earring hook.

Found this image on google:

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Jewelry always sells well.

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Candles. They always sell, are fun to make, and if you have some luck and/talent, can really come out beautifully.

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hemp jewelry

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Didn’t we answer this last month?

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@PandoraBoxx hmm guess so…. whoops!

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@Qwertymuffin411 Can you not ask the same question over and over? It is more than a little annoying to keep seeing it come up.

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@PacificToast I know how to do that!!!! My stars are prettier :P lol

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hand made paper cards, you buy the kit once, and the rest of the materials are from recyled, waste paper I checked this website cause I did my wedding invitations

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and it’s fun!!!

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@Chongalicious Me too, and my stars are nicer than that also. I just thought it was a decent tutorial.

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@PacificToast it was nice :) I’ve never seen one on youtube…I think mine onlt come out nice because my Chinese friend back in middle school bought me the kit and showed me how to do it :D

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@Chongalicious Yes, being taught by a real person is much better than by a video. :D

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im not sure where is your Location is but if there a Wal mart where u live, u should get your yourself a Heat Press Screen Printing machine for t-shirts,bandanna and jackets Etc.
you can also find those machine online, like ebay. the prices are around 200–400$ USD but of course u would want to get a legit one for some badass printings. i used to sell band t-shirt at shows and BAM! thats Automatic money there baby———*BING ;)

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