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Good birthday present for a 2 year old?

Asked by sfgal (280points) March 9th, 2008

she loves teddy bears but already has many of them. She also likes crayons a lot. Any other ideas?

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Sidewalk chalk?

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There are musical instrument kits out there somewhere that have all the instruments you may remember from elementary school packaged in a hat-box-shaped box that doubles as a drum.

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So kevbo doesn’t have children.. I thought he did..

Never buy toys that make noise unless you hate the children’s parents.

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Elementary, my dear Watson! Actually, my sister and bro-in-law are pretty cool about that kind of stuff.

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I ALWAYS buy the noisiest, most obnoxious toys for my niece and nephews – stuff that their parents will never buy them. They love it!

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I got my son the paint set that only paints on the special paper. He loves it.

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We got this for our 2 year old for christmas but older person can help fly it. Our son gets a real kick out of this. He does his happy dance.

Remote control helicopter. They are about 20 bucks.

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I raised three children and sometimes they enjoy the box the toy the came in more than the actual toy.
That being said, I think an empty box would go over like a lead balloon.

Books never failed for us as an occasional surprise gift.

I agree with Kevbo that something that makes noise is always a safe bet with a two year old.

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Books are great. Especially ones they can relate to. Such as being a big sister/brother. Elmo has a book about potty training. Or you can find some really good books about the things she is into. Like Dora, Elmo, princesses. It encourages them at a young age to read too.

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