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Why is it that when referring to gaming, it's always about consoles and/or PC games?

Asked by jerv (31034points) April 11th, 2010

Am I just too old? Am I the only one that remembers when gaming involved tabletops, maps, character sheets and dice?

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I think there are a lot of old people who never thought gaming meant that.

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In my family gaming means all facets of games of every kind. We have a niece on her way to an athletic scholarship in fast pitch baseball, a board game designer, an expert in Black Jack who pays his own way in Las Vegas and several electronic RPG gamers, who are also experts in various board games. We are a totally gaming family

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Pen and paper D&D yeah! Risk! Stratego!The Settlers of Catan! Monopoly!

My friends and I are well versed in both electronic and physical games. The physical games are more fun with a group of friends than video games. Except Mario Kart. We play every night when we are on vacation back in our home town.

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It could be for the same reason that texting is always about mobile phones and not about notes hastily scribbled on scraps of paper and passed hand to hand in a classroom.

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@DarkScribe made me laugh. But it’s true – it’s just a word that has a now universal meaning pertaining to technology. Like so many words in English. Texting is another one. Driving used to mean your horses.

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It’s just the generic term used to define today’s market.While we are on the subject of what words used to mean isn’t the biggest anomoly attributed to the word gay.Not so very long ago it had a different meaning altogether.Language, constantly evolving.

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The current console/PC game market is a multi-billion dollar per year enterprise and since that is where most of the money is generated from, I would imagine that is why a lot of emphasis and attention are given to it over other things like board games, dice games, etc.

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Because that’s what kind of “gaming” is biggest. In terms of media attention, in terms of money spent producing them, in terms of money spent consuming them, in terms of time spent consuming them.

These days when you say “phone”, the mental image in most peoples’ minds will be of a cellphone. Because barely anybody uses home phones any more, and the “news” media doesn’t talk about slick new home phone models, they talk about the newest iphone and Droid and blackberry models and gadgets and gizmos.
Same exact reason.

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I’m 24 and I still love the hell out of D&D and a good board game. I think it just depends on who you ask.

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