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where can I buy cheap iPhone covers?

Asked by alexlovesyou08 (8points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone


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I recommend going with Power Support Crystal Film Set

They only cost $14.95 (2 films) and protect the screen. Which is all you really need IMO. What’s nice is that they are reusable, don’t leave a sticky residue, or interfere with responsiveness.

Good Luck!

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Good answer robhaya. I have one of these on my phone and it works well.

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get something that will protect your phone! Like something shock absorbent. I bought a rubber case but never used it & I dropped my phone 1 ft from the ground last week. The drop dented my sleep/wake button inside of the phone & now its stuck. At first it kept resetting over & over but I figured out that if I keep it plugged in to a power source & turn off the screen saver it will stay on. I’m going to have to pay $250 to get a new one because apple won’t fix it. So please, please, just dish out the money for a decent case & use it. I really wish I would have. If u go on the iPhone forum at apple, there’s plenty of people who dropped it and the buttons got stuck or even worse the screen cracked.

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