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Does anybody know fun games to play through text message?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) April 11th, 2010

I’m tired of saying “I’m bored,” and starting those tedious convos like, “how was your day?”
Anybody got any crazy ideas on how to have fun through text?
Like hangman or tic tac toe if possible haha.
My buddy and I are bored so yeah I wanna play a fun texting game with him :)

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Send coded messages with numbers that must be deciphered on a telephone keypad…

5453–8447 (like this)

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There are several what kind of (blank) are you and you fill in the answers to compare with your friends. You could also check out Free Online Games

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1. Start with a word, then the other person changes a letter to make a new word, and you do this back and forth. The one who can’t make a new word loses. For example:
You: Cat
Them: Pat
You: Pad
Them: Lad

2. You could phonetically spell a word and have the other person try to type out the right way. For example, you send “kahm pee yutor” and they’d have to guess “Computer”

3. Exchange single sentences of a short story.

4. I don’t know how much this one helps, but in school we did one called photo sniping. You had a small group, you’d go to a downtown area and spread out. You’d then hunt the other players and try to either snap a picture of one of the other players without having one snapped of you in return, then send it to the group. There’s different ways to keep score, such as amount of pictures or last one standing.

5. 20 questions is a good one to start a conversation.

6. You mention an item in your area (Computer monitor, cup of coffee, etc) and it’s general location (in front of me, next to me, ceiling above me). Your partner then describes the item closest to that general location, then moves to the next object close by. You take turns doing this, filling out each other’s location.
For example:

You: Computer Monitor, in front of me.
Me: Computer monitor. Speaker to the left
You: Cat (which is in the same spot as my speaker for you). Coffee cup in front (of the cat)
Me: Squishy pig ball (what’s in front of my speaker, compared to what’s in front of your cat), Wall-E Toy to the right (a new object that’s to the right of the squishy pig ball)
Just keep going till you get bored

If you’re feeling artsy, draw what they describe. Since you’re not describing things like size, shape or distance, you and your friend may see some pretty funny stuff when you get together to draw.

I’m just sort of pulling these out of the air as I think of them. I need to get to bed.

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Do you have an MMS service? My kids play games with MMS, i.e., closeups of common objects requiring you to guess as to what they are, or sending a picture and the next person has to send one that is in someway related. (We won’t get into penalties and “strip” MMS – will we?)

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Is “not texting” and doing something productive out of the question?
Here are a few suggestions: study, read about something technical, practice an instrument, help your parents, clean up your stuff, do your taxes, volunteer someplace, polish your resume. Look outside at the changing world instead of a piece of plastic half a meter away.
But I’m older than you and clearly don’t understand the draw.

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@DarkScribe That’s a great one. I tried that with my son, but unfortunately it does not work. He wanted an iPhone, but we’re on T-Mobile. So I got him one and had it “Jailbroken” so it could work with T-Mobile… but, in the hack, he looses Youtube, and MMS messaging. He can only get text. But hey, he sure likes flashing around his iPhone, now with cracked screen. Thanks to Craigslist for cheap used ones.

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you can text me:)

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Your profile doesn’t list “texting” as one of your interests.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: 5453–8447 (like this)....what is that?

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I send naughty texts, telling my boyfriend what I want to do to him when he gets home. That is always fun to play.

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Spell out 5453–8447 on your telephone keypad. You get three letter choices for each number. There is a secret coded message in those numbers, but you must decipher it.

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Yes. See how long you can go WITHOUT texting.

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speak to each other in song lyrics.

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try to make faces and guess which emotion nthe face you typed is.

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@ChazMaz… texting is fun, you can say whatever you want to people without feeling uneasy. picture texts are also fun.


While your in the middle of a conversation you can randomly send a creepy picture of your self to whoever your talking to over and over at random times.

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