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How do I help my brother find a suitable living arrangement?

Asked by YARNLADY (44659points) April 12th, 2010

He was taken to emergency yesterday (emphysema and COPA) and his landlady doesn’t want him to come back. She’s 86 and can no longer take care of him. He is in Texas and I am in California.

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It sounds like he needs accommodation that provides some medical supervision. Is he still smoking? Who old is he? Does he have access to health care? Does he have an income that would cover his needs?

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This is going require a “full care” style of accommodation. A nursing home or similar. Is he a vet? If so they have programs and advisors who can help.

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How old is your brother? If he’s senior-aged then I would recommend contacting Senior Care in his area and asking their advice.

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@DarkScribe Oh, how I wish he as eligible for Vet benefits. That was the best thing that helped us with my Father In Law during his final years.

@Dr_Lawrence He is 68 and on SSI and Social Security as his only income. I doubt he is still smoking, as he has been on oxygen for several years. Texas has some strange benefits, but I don’t know who to call or talk to for help.

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The hospital should have a social worker who can help him find a medicaid living arrangement. Also there should be an office on aging for the county he lives in that would be able to assist.

We have gone through this with my mom who needs Alzheimers care. @DarkScribe, there is really not the level of access to help or programs that you would think.

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@PandoraBoxx Office on Aging, great suggestion, it’s hard to think under this situation. I have spoken to the nurse on the floor about the hospital social services.

It just had to happen on a week end- Arrrgh.

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Go to I’ve used this site for several people and found benefits we didn’t know about. Also, call the council on aging.

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@YARNLADY, you will want to ask if the hospital has a medical case manager. That would be the person to assist with facility placement.

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How advanced is his emphysema?

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@Dibley He has had it for several years and is on oxygen. The hospital told me they want to admit him “while they clean out his lungs”.

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Te reason I ask, is that my ex’s mum had it. So was on oxygen and lived at home and the hospital and a nursing home. Does he have any other family where he lives?

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It sounds like he is going to need an assisted living placement, and not nursing home care.

lynfromnm's avatar looks like a good resource. This is probably going to take a lot of phone calls.

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Sorry to hear about your brother’s problems. Could he come move in with you in Cali or another relative closer by? Maybe he could hire a nurse to do home visits.

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I believe as @PandoraBoxx is suggesting that it is the hospital’s responsibility to find a suitable place to discharge him to or they cannot release him. Medicare may well pay; at least initially. I would talk to the hospital caseworker first.

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@ubersiren Yes, I would love to have him stay with me. I have an extra bedroom, and I have invited him. The doctor would have to approve him for the airplane. I have researched the FAA approved oxygen sources.

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