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For the most part are gaming laptops going to be loud?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) April 12th, 2010

This in comparison to average consumer laptops.

My normal laptop is quiet for the most part unless I am doing some heavy processes like watching something in HD.

Will a gaming laptop have it’s fans on all the time? Or since it’s actually better equipped less often?

Does the size of them lead to better fans in terms of cooling and/or being quiet?

I’ve been looking at the Alienware MX and that Asus gaming laptop.

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My dad has a laptop that is supposed to be really good for gaming.
It’s massive, and it’s fan is ridiculously loud. It’s like a beast. He might as well just be carrying around a desktop computer.

Laptops + heavy processes will always equal a loud fan, it seems. No matter the laptop.

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I have a gaming laptop (Dell XPS M1330) and its fans are only loud when I’m gaming. Otherwise it’s very quiet. But it’s a smaller model, which is what I wanted, so that may have something to do with it. My friend has a huge Asus gaming laptop – like so big it’s not even really portable anymore – and it’s a little louder.

We both have had too many problems with these models to actually game on them, however (go figure), so I’d definitely recommend that you avoid Dell like the proverbial plague.

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My MacBook pro isn’t considered a gaming laptop, but it can play crysis smooth. While the fans are constantly running while gaming, it’s not very loud. The game sound usually dampens the fan sound.

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Most top end gaming laptops are noisy when they are hard at work & can get hot,,,most of them are so big, I see them as semi-portable folding laptops ! My cousin has a, Alienware gaming laptop and it looks like a suitcase !

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You know its not for gaming when you are talking Macbook. Alienware is overpriced.

Good gaming laptop shouldnt be loud, the fans should be in sync with the card and processor to only need to turn as fast as is needed to keep system running peak.

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Loud, hot, and sucking that battery down like there’s no tomorrow.

Such is the price of power.

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So what would you recommend Jes?

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