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Have you ever been the receipiant of a random act of kindness?

Asked by mcbealer (10224points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone

tell us about it and possibly inspire others…

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allow me to cut in line, me havng 1 item the other person having 25+ during the busiest time at costco, I paid 20 for a five dollar item and return the favor by telling the cashier to us my change for that person purchase.

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Rarely. But i try to be a giver of them as often as possible. Neoplatonistic Humanism.

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I was homeless on the streets of San Diego and a lady with her children took me to lunch. That is one of the many reasons I try to do one good deed per day.

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I was apprehensive to share this but it’s the only story I could remember, please keep in mind I work in the entertainment business and I’m not trying to trump my own horn.

I was asked to be the DD for an after-Oscar party thingy… I reluctantly agreed, got my jacket stolen from some has been on MTV. The jacket contained my Treo, wallet, keys and cigarettes. Suddenly this DD was out of commission so I celebrated my demise by drinking… a lot.

As I began to spill my soul to the bartender a man, sitting next to me, said “you’re cigarettes too? Jesus Christ!” see he understood my plight…

I recognized him from some things but I didn’t care, all I wanted was a cigarette…

Immediately he introduces himself, we shake hands and he says “Riser you were trying to be a good kid so where the hell’s your little group?”

I pointed at the drunken mess that was my posse.

He said “Merry Christmas” and handed me a ten spot.

I didn’t know what he meant until the cab appeared. We piled in and he looked in the Cabby, handed him a wad of cash and said “make sure this man gets to a cigarette.”

Through my intoxicated eyes I smiled at my group then back at the man, all I could say was “Thank you Mr. Clooney.”

and I’ve been contributing to his box office since.

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He’s George Clooney and all he gives you is 10 bucks? Cheapwad. ;-)

Like delirium, I’m more likely to be the giver than the receiver of these things. It’s great to see the expression on someone’s face when you do some little thing you didn’t have to do that makes that moment a little nicer for them.

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Funny, I think it’s easier to remember how lovely we were to some recipient than to remember when George Clooney got the point.
But, once I went to the park and laid in the sun with my head on my purse so it wouldn’t get stolen and went to sleep. When I woke up there was a guy sitting there doing nothing, looking at the swans and so on. He said he didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be sleeping there without someone to watch over me. When he was sure I was awake, he just went on with his day.

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@susanc: I live in Los Angeles, Ca. You try to be nice to someone here and you’ll get a lawsuit and the question asked for the person answering to be the recipient so…

The man watching over you is a perfect example of where this society has gone. Today most would question his motives, that’s a sad truth about this society.

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one time when i was taking my cat to the vet, i was talking to her in her carrier because i knew she was scared, and said hi to the dog standing by the counter (i like animals). i asked the woman behind the desk how much the appointment would be, because i was trying to make sure i had enough money. i went in to see the vet, and when i came back out to the lobby i went to pay and the receptionist told me the woman who had been there with the dog paid for my appointment! that’s definitely the nicest random thing anyone’s ever done for me. i didn’t even get to thank her.

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Last year in May, a mentor and church member showed up at my door and handed me a check for $2000.00. I needed the money, but I had not asked or told anyone I was in trouble. He didn’t offer an explanation, and we’ve never mentioned it since (I never see him). In fact, I hadn’t seen him at all before the occasion for like 18 months.

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One of the easiest things to do is to pay the toll of the car behind you at the toll booth. I have been in many modest car chases as people raced to catch up, roll down their windows and thank me.

Once I was motioned to pull to the shoulder and the recipient gave me a ball pen w. his business logo on it. I told him to pass on the very modest act of kindness.

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A nun gave me a winter coat.

The person in front of me paid the car toll for me before my car got there.

Someone gave me an MP3 Player to get me walking.

A couple once bought me train fare in Italy when I got lost.

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Not really happens to me, but my bro is somone I watch do this everyday. He was hit by a drunk driver a few years back and was issued a large settlement. He decided to take that money and start an non profit… Ended up spending 2 months in Sri lanka help rebuild a village and water supply system after the tsunami… Came back from there and spent close to three months in Mississippi new Orleans and Alabama helping rebuild after katrina… He was given donations from a major tent/outdoor clothing manufacturer to set up a couple tent cities…. Also they were donated a trailer and turned it into a pet rescue vehicle and loaded up all the abandon pets and brought them to near by shelters for medical care and adoption, as well as a place for owners to be reunited with them… Over the last few years he has made many trips to Africa helping rebuild schools and currently a village wiped out from a flood… I would like to leave his website for you guys to check out… It is pretty amazing, but think that is against the rules of this site. Anyway, you want to talk about an act of kindness there is a big one…. Sorry for the spelling errors responding to this on my iPhone on a train :)

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