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Can you tell me if this movie ever existed or if it is just a concoction of my dreams?

Asked by ragingloli (44767points) April 12th, 2010

So, this movie in my dream starts with an asteroid impact, killing some people, but leaving a newly started bridge completely intact.
Then a group of people start talking about how the corpse of Jesus has been found and that his heart was made of indestructible concrete. Then they walk through an abandoned and run down city that looked like it was from the Fallout games.
Does this movie really exists, and if so, what is its name, or is it just a dream?

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Sounds like an LSD trip ;-)

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I think I saw this sequence of events in the movie Pink Floyd The Wall. Come to think of it, when you watch that movie, you can imagine seeing almost anything since it was such a bizarre film anyway.

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It sounded familiar clear up until the Jesus thing.

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I agree with Matt Browne – it does sound rather like an LSD “trip”! of course, if it started out with Pink Floyd, this could well be the case.

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I can say with some certainty that no such movie was ever made. Up to the Jesus thing, it could have been any number of “end of the world” science fiction, asteriod movie.

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