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Want to share an inconsistency from the movies that drives you nuts?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) April 12th, 2010

For instance I cannot stand the movie Ghost because of the inconsistencies. Dude had to muster all of his strength to touch a penny, but he was able to sit on chair! Seriously, if his finger goes right through a penny shouldn’t his ass go right through the chair? How can he stand up the floor of an upstairs apartment or land on the floor of a subway car? He can’t! Is there a similar inconsistency in the movies that makes you nuts?

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MRI machine magnets are always on, there’s no “turn it on and things stick to it”.

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Not once, not even the slightest threat of occuring.Tarzan’s cock & balls, regardless of how vigorous the dude was, swinging through trees, fighting crocodiles, mounting an elephant.Them genitals were firmly housed neath his loincloth.I bet cheeta had a sly grope when tarzan was asleep.

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Hundreds of things – literally. Wrong clothing styles, king sized filtered cigarettes in old movies, digital (quartz) analogue watches (the second hand jerks instead of sweeps). Modern radial tyres on prewar cars, women in pre twentieth century movies wearing bras, makeup and hairspray. Liquor bottles in old movies that have screw tops instead of corks, war-time typewritten documents that use proportional spacing. It goes on and on. Cinema continuity is almost non-existent nowadays.

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I have heard the argument with ghost,someone explain it that as a spirit with no physical form,he had no weight and gravity had to affect on him,therefore he was just hovering a few millimeters above the floor,same with the chair ! I guess,it would have been more acceptable if he would have been seen slightly bobbing up and down /tilting sideways !

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@ucme That’s because all his loin cloths had an inner liner,like swimming trucks !

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Well of course for decency’s sake the producer’s at the time would have been duty bound to have created that look.However i’m guessing Tarzan himself would’nt have bothered fashioning such a garment, no need.It’s probably just as well, I mean not a pretty sight Johnny Weismuller’s nether regions,i’m guessing.

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Actors don’t wear seatbelts in car scenes.

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I forgot to answer the question,,,my weird pet peeve is,,,unrealistic finances in sitcoms.
In Friends, how were Monica & Rachel able to afford an expensive huge loft in NY with their crappy jobs/In Frasier he had a 4 hour local talk show at a Seattle AM station but he owned a condo worth over a million dollars,drove a BMW and spent money hands over fist/even though Frasier was on the radio, he was always recognizes by people and revered as a celebrity/“WHO” recognizes and makes a fuss about a local AM radio talk show host ?
In the old Tv show 3’s company their rent was only $300 but even though they all had jobs,two of them full-time,they were always struggling to pay it !

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For me it’s fight scenes…... people seem to be able to take an endless number of punches & kicks etc. Everyone I’ve ever punched has hit the deck straight away. (Incidently, I dont go around punching people willy-nilly….. anymore :)

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Whenever someone uses a computer, their physical activity almost always consists of furiously typing away on the keyboard and almost never using a mouse.

When someone has a nerve-wracking experience, they’re given coffee instead of a drink or some chamomile tea.

In other movies, bombs and missiles have no effect on the giant monster, but some testosterone-addled Marion Morrison wannabe thinks he can destroy Cloverfield by bellowing a war cry, and then running up to it while firing away at it with a hand gun.

When a woman gets chased by a car and if she’s wearing high heels, she almost never thinks to take them off, and then runs in a straight line directly ahead of the car.

Of course, if most victims in action or other scary movies used their heads instead of being scripted to drive the story with contrived dumbness, most of those movies would only be about ½ as long as they are.

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Superluminal communication over the radio at the beginning of the movie ‘Mission to Mars’ as if Earth was just 10,000 miles away from Mars. It was supposed to be a hard science fiction movie.

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Hot tube time machine…
When they went back in time, how did only one pair of clothes and skis/snowboard go back in time with them?

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@mattbrowne I think they might have been using Sprint’s new 4G network !

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@mattbrowne 4G—now with Ansible Technology!

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All aliens are bipeds, the females attractive and have large bosoms.

But I like it that way.

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@Zen_Again Aren’t you an alien? :-)

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When someone dies but wait – they’re not really dead!

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Guns that never need reloading and never run out of ammo.

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How you can’t really keep Bruce Willis down! And how everyone always starts to fight at the beginning of a meal!!! and so no one eats, at home at restaurants, I love seeing Dean Winchester chew that bacon cheeseburger!

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The ones I notice most are people in dire circumstances always stay clean and seem to have a full closet of clothing to change into, plus women always have access to make-up no matter where or how bad off they are. Men always remain clean shaven.

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Well, this is more of a technical inconsistency, but in Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s hair length changes about twenty times in one scene alone. I’m pretty sure Judy Garland wasn’t some sort of mutant.

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Never, no matter how long the story, does anyone ever have to use the potty.

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Not true. John Travolta uses the bathroom 4 times in Pulp Fiction, and ever time things go wrong.

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I always bitch about having to watch men pee in almost every movie except old ones!! Also I don’t believe every woman that runs 20 feet falls.

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@faye – the ones that don’t fall, when they run, are usually wearing 4” heels. How the hell can anyone run in those shoes?

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But even the ones in barefeet and/ or sneakers fall- the tough lady cop as well as the ditz.

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”...swimming trucks”

Swimming trucks are what somebody might stereotype as the Native American perception of a freighter. ;-)

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