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My CD drive on the computer is stuck.

Asked by danieljl (40points) April 12th, 2010

How can I open the computer’s CD drive? What could have caused it to get stuck? (there is no disk inside)

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There could be a servo-motor failure, or the power cable could be defective or have become disconnected.

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There is usually a tiny hole that you can fit a paper clip in. It should pop out. On PCs anyways. It could be stuck if it’s been dropped or something

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Has someone crammed a Pop Tart in it? I’ve seen that before & it’s rather sticky!

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Aaliyah is a pop tart. Would she fit?

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@DarkScribe Hahahaha, I’ll tell one who wouldn’t, Lady Gaga, not with that nose!

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I had the same problem with my retractable cup holder :(

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@mrentropy What…. Lady Gaga got her nose stuck in it too?!

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I had this happen with my home p.c. Hubby looked at Windows Explorer, My Computer, and found that it no longer saw the drive (D: in my case). Somehow, the driver(s) disappeared. Hubby downloaded the necessary driver(s), and then everything worked again. Since he did it, I can’t give you any further details, but that might get you started & maybe someone else can give you more info. HTH!

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Does it still appear in My Computer? If not, try this;

Hit start and type regedit in the seach bar. Select local machine then system, then current control set, then control, then class, then select the set that starts 4D36E965. Once in there delete the upper and lower filters. Restart your machine and it should work fine :-)

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Does it open in the 30 or so seconds before Windows starts?

(actually, are you using Windows?)

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