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Will they drug test me in substance abuse treatment?

Asked by awskeetskeet (1points) April 12th, 2010

i have been court-ordered to substance abuse treatment for alcohol and i am wondering if they will be drug testing me when i go to treatment. the treatment is pretty much a program with psychiatrists and group discussions weekly.

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Yes. That’s how they determine whether or not the program is working.

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yes, random and observed

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yeah but what if its for alcohol? not drugs

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Probably. Why does it matter? You should take advantage of this opprotunity and get clean from everything. Not just alcohol, but all drugs you may be taking.

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they now have tests that can detect alcohol up to 7 days

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they will probably force you to take antibuse anyhow

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whats antiabuse?

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a medication similar in molecular stucture to flagyl- will make you incredibly sick if you drink on it- court ordered in many cases is yours dui?

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yea its dui in florida

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especially if you continue to drink while in treatment

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well im not worried about the drinking, ive sstopped that but i recently smoked weed thats why i was wondering

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my sister got her 4th dui a year ago she’s gonna be sentenced the end of this month

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unless you smoke alotta weed it won’t show, for example a one off night smoking weed wont show

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Yes, you will be tested. Depending on your sentencing, you will be tested after.

As far as weed showing up in your system, depends on when you last smoked and yes, sorry to say, one night of smoking weed, just a few puffs on a joint WILL show up in your system, depending on, again, when you smoked and when you were tested.

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Sorrow, sorrow. If you go to tx you’ll be tested for everything and they’ll get on you for everything. Abstain for now. If they only find a teeny bit of thc in your system they MIGHT believe you only smoke once and didn’t mean to inhale.

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You better believe it. The point of treatment is to get you to stop. They’ll check up on that for sure.
They’ll probably breathalize you on the way in. If it’s a court ordered thing you NEED to show up sober. If you’re in violation of a court order they can arrest you.

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