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How often should walls be washed?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 12th, 2010

I want to help my Pops out and I offered to wash all of the walls down at his house. It’s been five years since my Mom died and the house needs a good cleaning. I keep up with washing baseboard, but, not the walls. Most of the rooms were painted 5 years ago (two years before Mom died), and so, that’s my Dad’s thinking. It’s only been 5 years and that there is no need. My siblings disagree and feel that they could use a good washing.

I have no problem doing it. Just wondered what you all think. How often do you wash down your walls? Do you really think that it’s neccessary after 5 years.

My Dad is not the cleanest individual. His idea of clean is putting stuff away. I think that I’ve seen him wash a floor, maybe, twice since my Mom passed and I’ve never seen him dust. Usually, I’m the one over there giving the house a good cleaning.

I’m just curious and would love to hear from you all..

This may seem like a silly question, but, I don’t have all of the time in the world and I’m wondering if I should even bother. It’s a bigass house and there are a lot of rooms/walls to be washed.

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I wash our walls four times a year. Dust can cling to a vertical wall in the tiny paint bumps etc. I would repaint personally. Plus, repainting will make everything seem bright and crisp, and could possibly inspire him to clean a bit better.

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Personally I haven’t washed my own walls yet. I just painted all my rooms less than a year ago. But my grandmother is a heavy smoker so recenty I did wash her walls for her. I highly recommend the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. It took the yellow stains right off without even having to scrub.

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People wash walls? I had no idea. I’ll have to get cracking.

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We are a non-smoking household, so washing walls is not as imperative as if we were smokers. I remember washing the walls when I was a kid (my parents were both smokers) and they were gross. The most that happens to my walls are finger prints from the kids, so my walls get spot washed when needed.

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That is really good of you to help him out like that. I probably wash the walls once a year, depending on how dirty they are. Does he smoke and if so in the house? Then they’l probably need a repaint. If you crack on you could get them done in a few days, do it together with your dad, it will be good for bonding.

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I never wash walls unless there’s a mark on them and then I will clean that area with Fantastick.

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haha did not see “walls” on first glance

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I give my walls a thorough washing at least twice a year, fall and spring. I use Mr. Clean and it really makes your home smell fresh. I am surprised with just me, a non-smoker, how much dirt you can get on your walls. I am sure elements from outdoors and running an air conditioner and furnace is where most of it comes from.

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I wash the kitchen walls once every two months, and the rest of the house once a year.

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I vacuum the walls in my house two or three times a year, and have them repainted about once every three or four years.

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