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New rod ... berkley or allstar?

Asked by sleepdoc (4695points) April 12th, 2010

My trigger rod got broken this weekend. I am planning to get a new one and had a berkley but have see some good prices on all-star as well. I am using this with a baitcasting reel. Can any of you give me some advice on either of these rods?

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Take a look at the ugly sticks by Shakespere. They are nearly unbreakable, I had someone from cabelas bet me I couldn’t break his. I tried for an hour but couldn’t.

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I have one of those for my spinning real. I just wasnt’ sure about the trigger rod being as good.

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I second what @WestRiverrat said! My ugly stick is the only rod I have yet to break!

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What about if it gets slammed in a car door?

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@sleepdoc I tried that…didn’t break.

And what other rod comes with a 7(6 for saltwater) year guarantee?

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Hmm… well maybe there is a reason I have had my old ugly stick so long…..

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Ugly sticks are great. Berkley’s are really good to, just depends on what you are using it for. That being said, I haven’t used a trigger rod in years. Right now I mainly use a Venture rod that I love. My husband has a R. L. Winston Rod Company rod and Temple Fork Outfitters rod that he loves for fly fishing.

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BTW .. I had one ugly stick get closed in the car door this weekend and they do break!

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