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Which online store should I purchase a Laptop Replacement Screen from?

Asked by se_ven (789points) April 12th, 2010

I’m working on a friends laptop where the screen has gone out. I’ve narrowed it down to it needing a replacement screen.

It is a Dell Inspiron B130 15.4” laptop, and Dell does carry a replacement:

I’ve also seen this website which has a replacement listed for $119 (about $100 less than Dell), but I’m not too sure about the quality, reliability, trustability, etc.

Do you have a favorite site for Laptop Screen replacements?

I typically would get this type of thing from Fry’s Electronics or, but they don’t carry them there.

Much thanks in advance!

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Have you tried looking on ebay? or search on craigslist for another system with motherboard issue but working screen.

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My friend got a cheaper one off the net for his Dell. It went out again within a year.

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I like Newegg or

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I got one from ebay for an older laptop and found that it didn’t work. So I returned it and got another one also from ebay (different seller) and it has worked mostly fine since. (and I think the small glitches it has now are my fault – I hadn’t installed a screen before)

Point being, cheaper can be ok if the DOA and return policies are good, and if you know how to install them right.

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