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When the chicken wishbone is broke, and the end breaks off of both, what does that mean?

Asked by rdnkeskimo8609 (9points) April 12th, 2010

me and my friend had a chicken wishbone. when we pulled, the whole top of the wishbone broke off from both ends.

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neither wish is coming true.

(did you let the bone dry out before trying to snap it?)

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You both get your wish!!!

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It dosn’t mean anything, its chicken bone. lol

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You’re bad to the bone.

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It doesn’t mean anything…..It means you pulled it so it broke.

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that the two of you are secret lovers and tonight at midnight a powerful Genie will grant a wish of your choice under the moonlight during one passionate deep kiss.

the great Madam Furball has spoken!

oh, you know I’m right

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