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How easy is it to determine the identity of women who wear veils?

Asked by LostInParadise (28468points) April 12th, 2010

I know there is a lot of controversy about Moslem women in western countries wearing veils, but I ask this as a strictly informational question. Suppose that all the female students in a class wear veils. How easily could the teacher identify them and how easily can they identify one another?

I would think that from a distance it would be hard, but what about up close? There are of course clues to a woman’s identity other than her eyes, but can you train yourself to recognize people just from their eyes?

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The eyes, the way of moving, there are a number of ways to identify someone. That said, however, veils and robes make a very good disguise.

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I assume you are talking about a “veil” that covers the face? I think it would be very difficult to identify young women. If it is just covering the girls hair it would not be a big problem.

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Have them wear name tags…

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Just some days ago i read an article in my newspaper about women in an Afghan city who were themselves opposed to niqab’s.
They told they had difficulties also themselves to identify their girlfriends, sisters, etc.
And children to id their mums.
An advice they gave was to keep in mind very good who wears what kind of shoes.

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How do their husbands no what they look like in advance? i dont mean to offend, im curious?

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With arranged marriages, neither spouse knows the appearance of the other.

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True story.
My neighbour who lived three houses from me, went to The Hague some three years ago to get an Arabic book in a mosque or a library.
They didn’t have the book he came for, they only had the Dutch translation of it.
A girl overheard this and told my neighbour that she knew where they had this book in Arabic.
If he came with her to that other mosque/library she would show him.
She was wearing a niqab.
On the way to that other place he asked her to marry him.
He ‘knew’ her for, let’s say, ten minutes and, obviously never saw what she looked like.
But, i guess, since he is quite a fanatic believer in Islam and women who wear niqab’s in Holland are few, he thought it would be a good idea to ask her.
She said yes, they now live in London and have two children.

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This is where forehead name tags come in handy.

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@slick44 I’m offended.

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@Storms .. im sorry you’r offended. like i said i didnt mean to offend. How do i find answers to ques. that i dont have answers to, if i dont ask.?

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@slick44 Just kidding, I’m not offended.

Sort of on topic, I saw the funniest thing the other day. There was a car with two Muslim women in it in full Islamic gear. The lady who was driving had an open cellphone lodged into her head-wear.

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How would you know it really was a woman? It might be a man!!

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I would always be able to spot my daughter. She is 5’ 6,” weighs 118 lbs, wears a size 6 or 8 and sounds like several large elephants when she walks around on floors with no rug.

And the noise when she descends a flight of stairs. Hard to imagine.

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@gailcalled 5’6” and wears a 6 or 8? That weight is more likely 4.

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@JLeslie: You mean a size 4? Only rarely; she looks gorgeous, lean and supple and eats about 3000 calories/day. But boy, is she heavy-footed. She is also very slightly duck-footed, which I find adorable.

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@gailcalled She must be all muscle. I guess it is possible. I am 5’6” and at 125 pounds I am a 4. I am at 140 now and I am an 8. Unless she wears very high end designer, which would be cut small, that would make sense also.

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Maybe. I see her only several times a year and am always struck at how slim she is. But we don’t discuss clothes sizes. I simply peek to see that she is still stowing away hefty amounts of food, including ice cream. Lucky both of you.

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@gailcalled I’m jealous she can eat so many calories. :)

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She is now 45 and complaining that she can’t keep up when she skies on powder with men half her age. And she finally needs reading glasses. I remind her of her future…that would be me but—two- three sizes smaller.

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I am curious just how many women living in a place requiring full face coverage would even be allowed to go to school . . .

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