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Horizontal ridges in thumb nails?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) April 12th, 2010 from iPhone

I have shallow ridges in my thumb nails. Is it something to be concerned about? What is the cause? Have any of you experienced this?

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You probably just mashed it in something. Any white or purple spots?

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My mom has them, her mom has them. I’m just starting to get them. It’s probably a hereditary thing. I’m thinking about regular manicures to see if that helps.

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I have vertical ridges. I read zinc levels affect nail growth so I bought some.

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No spots or colouring. I have really long and healthy nails, aside from the thumbs being bumpy. I don’t have any medical problems that some websites suggest. What it looks like to me is the little half moon is a bit raised, which is causing the nail to grow with shallow ridges. It’s strange!

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I had them and what I did was take a nail filer and filed it down a few times now they are gone. Hope I helped!

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