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Is there a way to get donations via pay pal without paying a fee?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) April 12th, 2010

I am the webmaster for my fraternity and we would like to place a link on our website for alumni and other people to give a donation to the house via paypal. However we would like to do this without paying a fee. I created a paypal account but noticed that there may be a fee involved with donations. Is there a way to avoid this fee?

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Paypal is not going to work for free. No.

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If you have a regular pay pal account and give folks your email address associated with the account they can send you money. You pay the fee for using a PayPal Donate button on your site.

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Really, the fee is so minimal that it isn’t worth trying to get out of.

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@Trillian . . . It is when the donations get to $50 or more. Why give that to PayPal for a couple lines of JavaScript?

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Yes. You must have a personal account—that is one where you do not accept credit cards. That’s what I have, but I’ve had it a long time and am not sure they still offer it. My incoming payments have to be made from someone’s bank account or their Paypal balance. If you accept credit cards, you have a different type account and PP will take a percentage of any payments coming in for you.

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People trust PayPal and it shows legitimacy. I worked for a non profit that uses PayPal. It’s easy, convenient and shows a professional sense. If you cant afford the processing, it’s hard, but i’ts better than no donation. Unless you want checks, cash only….and people
are getting lazy to send something in the mail.

PayPal is easy.

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yeah, i think we might go with it anyways because people are super lazy and if they can donate with a credit card then i think we will make more money. is the fee percentage based or what?

and let’s say we set up the donations button but didn’t receive any for a while, do we incur a fee just for having the button up?

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@waterskier2007 . . . You only get charged when you get a donation.

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