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Do you think I should get mac os x leopard?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) March 10th, 2008

It is rumored that photoshop will be deleted…But the iPhone SDK only works on leopard. What should I do?

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get it its worth it but you will want to buy sec hard drive at the same time

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What do you mean Photoshop will be deleted?

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I’m running Leopard and Photoshop no problem…

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CS3 works ok and Photoshop was not deleted. Run the Adobe auto-updater as well as Apple software update once the upgrade to Leopard is complete.

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photoshop isn’t deleted? Well that’s good. What about other applications I’ve downloaded? Are they deleted?

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get one
their awesome
plus if you want (i don’t know why you’d want to though) you can run windows on it In boot camp

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Yeah boot camp is pretty cool. I would be able to run Pivot stickfigure animator on my mac!

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Your applications will not be deleted.

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Agree with @bob…. no way any 3rd party apps would automatically get deleted as part of an OS upgrade. Seriously, that’s silly.

Now if you mean you’re worried that future versions of Photoshop won’t be supported on Leopard, well, that doesn’t make sense either.

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ok sorry. It was just a rumor. Thanks for answering. I’ll have to start saving up for mac os x leopard! 

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Leopard is great but although my applications were not deleted, fireworks, dreamweaver, flash, stopped working entirley and i had to re-install them

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