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What should I do to prepare for a psychedelic experience?

Asked by edmann13 (296points) April 12th, 2010

I am going to do acid for my first time this weekend. Any tips to make it a perfect experience?

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Yes, be around people you trust.

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There is nor real acid anymore…you missed the day, by about 35–40 years. lol

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@Coloma thank you, that was very constructive.

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stay inside? Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. just be smart about it i guess.have a nice trip!

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Hope there are no cops reading this that know you.

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@WestRiverrat lol, I’m not an idiot.

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get some shiny toys…and good tunes…..outside is fun.

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I second the being with friends.

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Okay, from the archives circa the 70’s.

1. Do not run a class 3 whitewater river in a metal lake canoe.

2. Do not drive deep into the mountains and wander off. There will be guiding voices, but they will take you nowhere. lol

3. Stay out of tree houses, if you go up you will not come down again easily.

4. Do not trip in an archeology professors house, the native masks are really scary.

5. Do not attempt to ride half wild horses

There, you should remain safe if you follow the ancient ones guidelines. lol

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@edmann13 What is your plan? Have a plan and stick to it.

Some general rules
-Be with people you trust
-Try and be with only people who are tripping
-Dont get stuck thinking about negatives. If it gets dark at any time just remind yourself, this is only a drug, this too shall pass.

Some things ive learned
-Shpongle is amazing
-Go for walks late at night
-Watch movies like The Wall, Cat Soup, Yellow Submarine
-If you smoke weed, smoke about an hour after taking the acid, it will quickly bring on the effects of the acid.
-find some flashing lights or interesting patterns to stare at
-if your artistic or musically inclined have fun with that while on acid, it will give you a whole new outlook
-Try thinking about things in your life that once seemed complicated, i have often found under the influence of LSD i can deconstruct the problem, see it from a new outlook and find a seemly obvious resolution.

I still vividly remember my first time taking LSD. It was like my brain was this cluttered desk, covered with papers and mess, impossible to work on. Once I took LSD it was like just cleaning the desk completely off. Clean, clear. Easy to work and concentrate.

Above all remember HAVE FUN

@Vunessuh what irony? If you’re trying to say there is something bad about taking LSD I eagerly await your sources to back this up.

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“LSD may temporarily impair the ability to make sensible judgments and understand common dangers, thus making the user more susceptible to accidents and personal injury and cause signs of organic brain damage-impaired memory and attention span, mental confusion or difficulty with abstract thinking”

Can be avoided if precaution is taken first. Read “Have a plan and stick to it.”

“There is some indication that LSD may trigger a dissociative fugue state in individuals who are taking certain classes of antidepressants such as lithium salts and tricyclics. In such a state, the user has an impulse to wander, and may not be aware of his or her actions, which can lead to physical injury. Anonymous anecdotal reports have attributed seizures and one death to the combination of LSD with lithium…...”

Have a sitter, and know your body and the drugs you’re on before taking LSD.

“LSD may elicit panic attacks or feelings of extreme anxiety.”
Seriously….this is a danger? Relax its a fucking drug it will be over soon.

“There are some cases of LSD inducing a psychosis in people who appeared to be healthy prior to taking LSD.[57] In most cases, the psychosis-like reaction is of short duration, but in other cases it may be chronic. It is difficult to determine whether LSD itself induces these reactions or if it triggers latent conditions that* would have manifested themselves otherwise.* The similarities of time course and outcomes between putatively LSD-precipitated and other psychoses suggest that the two types of syndromes are not different and that LSD may have been a nonspecific trigger.
Again i thin its important to know your body and your health history pre taking hallucinogens

“first, over 70 percent of LSD users claim never to have “flashed back”; second, the phenomenon does appear linked with LSD use, though a causal connection has not been established; and third, a higher proportion of psychiatric patients report flashbacks than other user”
Do I need to keep going?

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* yawn *

@uberbatman Not really, no.

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I’m fully aware of the risks/benefits of LSD. Honestly, unless you’re borderline psychotic it doesn’t do any permanent damage, so my biggest risk is a bad trip. I can handle that.

From experience with other drugs, people have bad trips when they step into the drug with a negative mindset. If you expect a positive experience, you’ll have a positive experience.

Thanks everyone who had constructive things to say. lol @ coloma.

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write a living will?

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@talljasperman You can’t overdose on acid.

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Do nothing that you might regret later.

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Just make sure it’s not brown acid.

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@uberbatman I’m not telling him that he shouldn’t experience it. People are going to do what they want to do. I just think someone should take the responsibility of informing him of the dangers of this drug. (Thanks @bob_) I find it very hard to believe that you think it can’t be dangerous. I personally find much of your argument to be both ignorant and irrelevant.

The effects of LSD can last anywhere between 6–12 hours. Your argument in telling people to relax and that it’ll be over soon is weak. During this time period, your reality is impaired. Some people don’t have control over their thoughts. Some people don’t have control over what they see. This is how people can cause injury to themselves and potentially to other people. You also say that you should know your body before taking LSD. This is his first time. How can he possibly know how this drug will affect him? He could easily have a bad/allergic reaction. Easily. Having a babysitter isn’t going to stop anyone from having a bad trip. Once it hits you, there’s nothing that can stop it and it can last for hours.
Regarding your last link, I don’t see how one man inventing PCR while on LSD all of a sudden justifies that doing the drug isn’t dangerous. I don’t see the point, because there isn’t one. This doesn’t all of a sudden mean the drug is safe and allows everyone to invent some amazing shit or something.

@edmann13 If you did do your homework and you do know the risks, then good for you and have fun, I guess. Perhaps report back to let us know you’re alright and how it was for you.

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I’m surprised this question was asked. But I’m also surprised this question wasn’t pulled for almost endorsing drug taking. The things you learn on Fluther…

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Switch on re-runs of The Banana Splits during.Turn on tune in & trip out, if that floats your boat that is. Me, I get high on life dude.

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Do it on a full stomach.

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1) Like @uberbatman and @mammal said, be with people you trust. Don’t trip with anyone that you think might try to (for lack of a better term) fuck with you.

2) If you’re planning on going somewhere, walk. Or have someone else drive.

3) Plan so that you can go to sleep afterwards. The post-trip is weird and you don’t quite feel normal until you sleep it off.

4) Drink tea or coffee, it’s awesome.

5) DON’T have a Statistics exam on the same day… (Hey, an 89 isn’t bad though.)

6) Go into it thinking that it’s going to be good. Don’t take it if you’re depressed about something or in a bad mood.

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@Vunessuh Have you ever taken LSD? Im going to guess no, because its really nothing like what you are describing. yet im the ignorant one… You actually do have quite a bit of control over what is going on. Its not like you hallucinate a pink fucking elephant in the room and cant do anything about it. It only plays minor tricks with your brain if you let it. LSD is more a thinking drug than anything else IMO.

Allergic reaction!? Provide me one legit source.

One can easily know their body pre taking hallucinogens. Do you have a record of mental illness in your family?

“having a babysitter isn’t going to stop anyone from having a bad trip”
This is also horribly inaccurate. I have talked many people out of bad trips before. Its really not that hard, you just have to comfort the person, let them know their safe, everything will be ok, and within minutes they’re back to trippin face and having a great time.

The last link merely shows that LSD isnt horrible as people think, many people come up with ground breaking ideas and new ways of looking at things whilst under its influence. Show me someone who invented something worthwhile on heroin.

LSD is considerably safer than alcohol, a drug that most will take without even considering asking others for advice. Drink and drink some more, its legal so it cant be that bad for ya right?

Id like to just finish with a picture. Where does LSD appear to fall on that graph? Pretty odd for such a dangerous drug, wouldnt you say?

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@tinyfaery nooo never full stomach. As with all hallucinogens you should not eat 2–4 hours prior and wait about 2 hours after taking it to eat anything.

Less food in your stomach, the faster it will hit you and more potent it will be.

I wasted some good mushrooms like this once. I ate before hand thinking id be fine, didnt end up tripping at all.

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Oh yes, # 6

It is wise to have nothing to do with fire.

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@uberbatman Which might be good for a first time user.

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@tinyfaery It would be a waste of money and a waste of a potentially good time.

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And potentially the difference between a good and bad experience.

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@tinyfaery it could waste the entire hit. 1 hit of LSD isnt going to throw anyone into a super mind fuck. If one is that concerned, simply take half a hit for the first time. But eating… bah! :P

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Hey everyone. I’m alive and well, and it was honestly the most eye and mind opening experience in my life.

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Awesome for you!
Now, take it from a 70’s gal, there are many ways to alter ones state of consciousness/ awareness without drug induced experience.

Try hypnosis sometime and meditation.

The ‘ultimate’ experience is to find bliss in it’s natural state!

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