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how many poeple were late for work today

Asked by oneye36 (305points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone
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I was! Way to start the week huh? :-P

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why should we have been?

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some people may not have moved their clocks ahead

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that’s a whole day of not being on the right time since it happened early Sunday morning.

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I was by 10 minutes,but not because of the time change. It didn’t matter though,because my boss didn’t work today

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I just hate the time change. Its weird waking up and its still really dark outside

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Were the clocks moved? I haven’t noticed anything, and I wasn’t late because of that. Perhaps they’re moved at a different time in the Netherlands…

Anyway, I was extremely tired this morning. So tired, in fact, that I went home, since I couldn’t cope at school.

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I think the change was only in the U.S.A…I seem to remember the media saying that no one else was changing

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I am everyday… >_>;

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I was. Yikes.

I was diligent about changing every clock in the house, but appear to have forgotten my bedroom alarm clock. Not cool.

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