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Can I get my pictures back after starting computer in recovery systems?

Asked by boots74 (72points) March 10th, 2008

Ok, heres what I did. I was having problems with IE, so I downloaded Firefox. After firefox was downloaded, my computer would lag way way bad, I tried all night to get my control panel to come up so I could delete it, with no luck, I restarted in recovery systems. Have I really lost everything or is there a way to get my pictures and files I had saved earlier?

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Buy an external HDD case, and mount your HD from your computer in the case. You can use another computer to get your files back with USB. Then you can reinstall the system, knowing that your data is safe.

Was is a laptop or a computer?

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compaq computer, what is a HDD case? Sorry, I don’t know much about computers.

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An external case for your hard disk, so you can hook it up to a computer via USB. For example:

You can then get your data save.

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Np. You can find those usually at a computer-store.

Since you have a computer, don’t forget to ask for a 3,5 inch case, because 2,5 inch cases are for notebook hard-drives!

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