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How can I remove paint stains from my T-shirt?

Asked by Vincentt (8064points) April 13th, 2010

The theme at a party I went to a while ago was “Glow in the Dark”, and since I had just bought a new T-shirt with glow-in-the-dark print I wore it there.

Unfortunately, someone else thought it’d be cool to bring glow-in-the-dark paint, which got on my brand new T-shirt.

I bought stain remover and have washed it several times using it, but there still is a smear of white glow-in-the-dark paint on the back. Does anyone have any great tips on how to remove them properly?

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Scissors. But you’ll probably hate that ‘fix’.

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I was able to remove oil based paint off my coat by doing the following. (Of course the material wasn’t cotton, so I’m not sure this will work.) Dry it off really well and take a green scratch pad to it. You can also try using sand paper. Only be sure to use it only on the paint itself. Then wash with dishwashing soap and water. Anything else will probably remove the dye from the shirt.

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Wet paint, no problem. Dry paint I’ve never had much luck with. On white T’-shirts I’ve used paint thinner and solvent and a lot of scrubbing with “success” but the end result wasn’t particularly pretty. Give it a go if you’re just going to trash the shirt otherwise, maybe you’ll have better luck but cotton just isn’t meant for that kind of punishment.

Oh, and I have an aunt who once told me heating it helps… but I’ve no first hand knowledge or even any more detail to share with you on that.

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Paint? Good luck. I agree with @CyanoticWasp.

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Throw it away. Get another shirt. Actually, keep that shirt for when you paint again.

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You probably won’t.

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It’s never going to look the same, no matter what you treat it with. Paint thinner will help, but it also weakens the fabric. Just buy a new shirt, and send the bill to the joker who ruined it.

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Have you tried Goo Gone or Oops!? I’ve had good luck with both of those.

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