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Somalia: Is it time for Pirate Radio?

Asked by jfos (7362points) April 13th, 2010

In compliance with the “orders of Islamist Hizbul-Islam insurgents who say that songs are un-Islamic,” Somali radio stations have stopped broadcasting music.

Is it time for a Pirate Radio in Somalia? (Extremely ironic, since Somalia is the homeland of the majority of the boat-hijacking pirates off the coast of the Horn of Africa…)

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Don’t forget that they have also banned Bras. That could be interesting if it catches on. As for Pirate radio, I doubt that it would last long if it did get started. I can guess what would waving at the end of the antenna if the DJ got caught.

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Cute question and not a bad idea; but I doubt there’d be any volunteers for DJ.

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I’m sure they’d pay particular attention to the shipping forecast.

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When I was a kid, I had an AM table radio. One of my favorite stations was a Montreal music station that broadcast in French. I could pick it up at night most of the time, in Toledo, OH. Seems to me that any Somali with a radio ought to be able to tune in something that the Islamists don’t control, especially if they have short wave.

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