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What are good remedies to help get rid of severe neck pain?

Asked by MorenoMelissa1 (1140points) April 13th, 2010

My poor fiance has been experiencing server neck pain that is so bad it hurts when he moves too much. I want to find a way to help get rid of his pain without having to go to a doctor or take pain medicine. Any suggestions? Any imput would be helpful.

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Heating pad for 20 minutes, then package of frozen peas for twenty minutes. If that and time don’t alleviate it, he should see a doctor.

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I have had severe neck cramps limiting all movement – the first time I dealt with it with pain killers and muscle relaxants leading to my being a drone for 3 days. The second time I said no to meds and did 3 days of hot yoga to unclench my neck and it worked. You decide, :).

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@gailcalled That is what my grandma recommended this morning.

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Pain means something is not functioning properly. My solution, for many years, has been a chiropractor. Works for me every single time.

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ask him if he’d rather go to a chiropractor

or…...a relaxing neck, shoulder, back massage with warm oil and low volume soft nature music/sounds, candle/muted lighting

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Pat attention to posture, this is HUGE!

Sit up straight, don’t slouch, hold you head up, do not lean on one side that creates stress on the other.

Example: ( This just kills my neck & shoulder ) leaning on one elbow, like reading in bed.

Do not slump over your keyboard, pay attention to how much you are on the phone and cocking your head to one side, what arm you use, and change sides.

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Take three days of bed rest, a couple of pain relievers twice a day (read the cautions first) and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water, plus three or four cups of chicken soup.

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I suffered for years with neck pain, and it suddenly went away when I got my new bed.
I still occasionally get a bad neck ache, and I take Aleave for it.

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maybe is just tension, sex always helps me, especially if my fiance gives me a relaxing massage first :D

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@filmfann If you don’t mind me asking, what brand of mattress? I am thinking my mattress is causing my back pain for the past year.

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MY MATRESS???? just kidding, btw the best one I’ve tried is the memory foam ones.

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@OneMoreMinute—I find the memory foam mattress are too confining. I like the ability to turn over during the night, and the memory foam holds you like a concrete mold. My mattress is a Sealy Posture Premiere. We have been very happy with it for the last 8 years.

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i got a sleep number bed and it helps alot with shoulder pain;

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Thank you all for your suggestions and advice, it is appreicated. I want to help my baby feel better.

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Get a neck brace or fashion a neck brace with a bath towel and ace bandage to hold it in place. This will help take the strain off the muscles that are pushed to their limits. Keep this on as much as he can and should feel immediate relief! Try to figure out if there is a repetitive activity he does that is causing or aggravating this issue for him and cut out for a while. For me playing guitar too much can set this off. If you can give him deep pressure point massage in the traps and back muscles and make him take it easy with as much head support as possible. Long hot showers will help too. If after 3 days he is no better go to a doc.

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@OneMoreMinute I bought a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. I love it.

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Why? If it is painful for him, seems he would take the initiative to do something about it.

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Oh, for the obvious…get rid of the ‘pain in the neck’!

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I have had this now for over 20 years. From car accident , bike and Ju-jitsu. My best remedy when I can is go scuba diving to 20–30 mts, The pressure pushes all back together. Feel good, But now I am 50 and playing Badminton . travelling in a car. stop and go gives me hell for 3–4 days after, the only thing helps. Is a good massage with deep heat type oil . tiger balm , or something. Paracetamol and ibarbrufen and a good nights sleep. Drs said cant do anything 10 years ago. 50 50 op or just take pain killers all my life. The thing to do , is not tense up. relax.
As for what make the neck grind , I want to know. Yes some time my face go numb too. and head ache bad. Its trapped nerves. This all comes from the shoulders , Clumps of strained muscle nerves.

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