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Why won't my Xbox wireless adapter connect properly?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) April 13th, 2010

So I just upgraded my wireless adapter to the relatively new wireless-N model and gave my G to my girlfriend. But now whenever I turn my xbox on and try to log into Live, it won’t work and tells me the xbox can’t obtain an IP address from the router or modem. I have to go manually reset the router and modem each time. Thing is, my computer and phone are both logged onto the network with no problems without having to reset. What’s up with that?
On a separate note, when it is connected (after the manual reset) it says its only connect to wireless-G though I have a wireless-N router. Any thoughts to what’s going on here?

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Ohh, wireless routers and printers, the two things that defy normal troubleshooting protocol.

I’ve had this problem too, but I don’t think I did anything. It just started working. I hate those dang things, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

I would try to manually assign an IP to the Xbox adapter from the router.

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the X-box is only equipped with WiFi adapter that is compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g.

Needless to say, unless you have a Xbox 360® Wireless N Networking Adapter, your new wireless-N router will have to be toned down to -G speed inorder to work with your current setup.

Now If you mean that you actually have the Xbox 360® Wireless N Networking Adapter, I would like to know then if you have a wireless-N router to match it.

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@ShiningToast, Yeah I know. I can usually figure these things out for myself. This one has me stumped so far though.
@njnyjobs, I know. I do have the Xbox 360® Wireless N Networking Adapter, the problems started when I got it. Any suggestions?

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Yes, I did. It wasn’t that. I finagled it and fixed it. Don’t know what was the actual fix but I’ve got it. Thanks for the help.

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