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It is 4 30am and I am still awake. I've tried every trick that I know of to fall asleep. Any advice?

Asked by j0ey (2424points) April 13th, 2010

I think its from over thinking. A combination of Uni stuff, family stuff, and the fact I think there might be someone sneaking around my house at night. I cant turn my brain off. : (

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Have you tried… cough um… you know… relieving some stress cough cough nudge nudge wink wink

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Read a book
Watch a movie (not a scary one) till you fall asleep
Make some tea
Count to 10,000
and what @bobloblaw said.

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If it suits you, say a prayer or two and clear your mind of your worries.

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Old wives recipe for sleep: glass of milk and two cookies(make that a gallon of milk and a dozen cookies).

Big boy here.

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99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottl…..yawn.

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Read, listen to peaceful music, take a drink (rum might do here), flique ze beine, lay in bed in the dark and close your eyes. If these don’t work, try doing them all at once.

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Take a pill. Try a benadryl, ambien or valium.

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Exersise daily. As for tonight? Get off the computer.

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Melatonin… over the counter. Really helps some people sleep.

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@ EVERYONE. Thank you for the suggestions….everything that is listed I have tried, apart from @buster drugs (I dont have any) . and @john65pennington eating cookies and milk…...

@mowens I have just got on the computer within the last 30min…..

I think I’m going to have to face today with 0 sleep :( ....maybe coffee will save me.

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@j0ey Have you tried reading a boring book?

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@whyigottajoin maybe I should crack open one of my old chemistry books…...good idea.

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Turn off the lights, get in bed, close your eyes and try to solve math problems in your head. Keep increasing the level of difficulty. Seriously.

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Take a warm bath and light some candles. Candles are suppose to help you relax.
Drink a glass of warm milk. Milk is rich in l-tryptophan which helps your body prepare for sleep.
Read a really, really boring book.

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Get comfortable in your bed with a small reading light, not too bright. Then try reading “The House Of The Seven Gables” I dare you to make it through one chapter without nodding off.

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Time to bust out the bible, you’ll be asleep in no time….

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Stay up until you are ready to fall asleep at nighttime—make yourself stay awake until at least 8pm tomorrow.

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Actually, if you head over to @john65pennington‘s profile and start reading his answers, well… you’d better not have that glass of milk in your hand while you start, is all I’m going to say.

If this answer didn’t already put you to sleep, that is.

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@j0ey Are you still around or did you finally fall asleep?

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Melotin it is avaiable at Costco and most drug stores. It helps me.

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Try reading one of DalePetrie’s posts.

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melatonin is safer than ambien. I’m the same way.

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Find a defensive weapon and put it next to your bed preferably loaded 12 gauge shotgun. Next drink a glass of warm milk…grab a book on your nations history and read 3 pages…if you are still awake turn off the lights and take a big deep breath…lay on your back and relax…release all the tension in your head, neck and shoulders and begins a slow relaxed belly breath by breathing through your nostrils exhale through your mouth…key is to relax and ignore any and all thoughts that may invade your head. If you are overly distracted think of a fun time and place you would rather be but relax and keep the slow breathing rhythm going and repeat 17 times….if you are still awake roll onto your right side and again slow rhythmic belly breaths…repeat 17 times. IF you are still awake roll on your left side and repeat the breathing cycle….I have yet to still be awake on my left side.

You could cheat and take Benadryl.

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Chamomile tea is great for relaxing the nerves.

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I have read that ½ cup warm rice before bed helps.

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@Cruiser What does the gun have to do with the rest of your answer?

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@PnL She did say right there in her question she was concerned about someone sneaking around in her house and a loaded shotgun would provide peace of mind and sense of security which could eliminate a major stressor that may be what is keeping her awake.

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Talk radio knocks me out faster than my medication.

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@Filmfann LMFAO!

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I dunno if this has been said, but try drinking a class of milk or two glasses of water. It might help.

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