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Creative ways to present history project?Group project.

Asked by kiki98 (38points) April 13th, 2010

Hi everyone! Well I have a group project to do on history new taxes(boston tea party)(not real tea party; protesters about the new taxes) in 1700`s and its a project which we can do anything on. We would like to do a creative project (bot a game or such) but I need some ideas to share with my group.

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What is your report focusing on, specifically? Are you taking the side of the British, Americans or the tea? What’s your point that you want to convey the strongest? Look to those for your inspiration.

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I am talking mostly about British . I have many ideas but I was wonderind what your ideas would be like so maybe I could mix and match.

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If it is online or on the computer, make a nice looking web site.

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Not Really original here, but….
You could each get costumes and act something out.

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I once did a history project telling the story of the civil war through art. I did large charcoal sketches of historical events that took place and where turning points in the war.
Teacher loved it so much she hung them up all in the class room. My fellow class mates really liked it because they said it bought the agony of the war to life.

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There’s a kid’s book called “The Jolly Postman,” that’s a collection of letters to and from different people. You could do something like that, a collection of letters written from different points of view—from a tea merchant back to his suppliers, talking about the tea tax, from a tax collector in England to the tax collector in Boston, a letter from a housewife to her mother in England, discussing the unrest and asking for ideas on what to drink instead of tea, etc. you get the idea. Take different personas, both colonist and loyalist, and write a letter to someone telling what’s happening and how it affects conditions.

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