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Why aren't the sound drivers on my computer working after reinstalling Windows?

Asked by wasabi_rave (138points) April 13th, 2010

I had to re-install Windows on my Gateway laptop. All the important drivers got deleted when this happened. I went onto Gateway’s website and download all the missing ones, but I still have no sound. When I try to re-install the sound driver it just says “Installation Failed”. Why!?! So distraught!

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whats the model of the Gateway? and is it Windows XP, Vista, 7? Might just be the wrong driver.

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Gateway MX6024. Windows XP. I would assume it is the wrong driver as well except that I got it from the list of drivers listed on Gateway’s website for the MX6024. :/

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gonna cross my fingers and go give it a try!

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Nope….when i try to run the installer it says that it doesnt work with my computer’s hardware. Sigh!

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does it say that also with the audio drivers from the Gateway site?

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Download Belarc…it will tell you in detail what your hardware is

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With the one from Gateway it just said installation failed, this one says its not for my hardware.
Oh, Also the device manager says i hadConexant AC-Link Audio. Dont know if that makes any difference.

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Ugh. I feel your pain. I eventually had to switch sound cards – but this was in a desktop, not a laptop. Try to get those drivers is all I can say.

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