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Ladies (or anyone who wears mascara): how do you prevent lines from forming on your upper eyelids from the just-applied, wet mascara?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 13th, 2010

My eyelashes are not unusually long but lately my wet mascara has been leaving black marks over my eyes (from the eyelashes touching the skin when the eyes are open). is there a solution for this that you know of?

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Just carry a few earbuds with you to “tidy up” the mess when you can.

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Keep your eyes half-closed for about 30 seconds after applying. Ta-da!

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Do both of your bottom lashes before doing your top lashes. And @Seek_Kolinahr is right- keeping your eyes half closed for a short time lets it dry enough to avoid the marks.

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Hold up an index card, business card, etc. behind your lashes while you apply your mascara. You can also cut the edge of the card a bit to fit the curve of your lid.

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After I apply my mascara, I apply some sort of lipgloss. That way, I’m looking down long enough at my lips for it to dry without touching my upper eyelids.

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don’t have the answer, but, if that happens to me i clean the mess with a q-tip diped in concealer instead of lotion or make up remover that way you don’t mess up your eye shadow :)

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it happens to me every day that i wear mascara but i dont wear eyeshadow or anything else so i just wipe it off….i thought it was just that easy, lol.

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Blow dry them after you apply the mascara.

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I used to always have that problem too. Okay, this sounds weird but it’s been working really well for me for the last couple of months. I use a compact mirror and hold it close to my face, to apply the mascara, so that I can see exactly what I’m doing. I never get smudges or little lines anymore.

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I have really long eye lashes and the only thing that works for me is exactly what @Taciturnu stated. I put mascara on my bottom lashes first and then my top.

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@tranquilsea and @Taciturnu: I don’t understand why that makes a difference? I don’t wear mascara on my bottom lashes.

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People who do wear mascara on their bottom lashes open their eyes wide to apply it. If you apply to any top lashes before the bottom lashes have been applied to, your upper lashes will bump your eyelid. It kinda comes back to keeping your eyes half open to allow the mascara to dry before your lashes can touch your lid.

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