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How do i increase muscle and testosterone?

Asked by plip01 (6points) April 13th, 2010

foods,activities,mental state etc.

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Lift weights and do physical activity…..

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Get a testosterone shot and/or testosterone cream…workout, lift weights

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Go work out in a gym full of grunting guys. I read somewhere that when women were around a gym full of sweating men that their testosterone levels increased and it also raises for women atheletes before competition. Go with a bud and both of you work compete with each other. I’m sure in no time you both will have more muscles and more testosterones.

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Menopause will do it for you.

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Maxing out weight lifting. Protein consumption. Just please do not hoard protein if you’re already overweight – burn fat off first then bulk up. Note that increasing muscle mass decreases flexibility and buoyancy – not always a good thing, better to find a balance.


Grow out your facial hair, bang fists on chest, and grunt like a cave man.

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Basically, it seems like the best thing to do with exercise is to stress your body as a whole and force it to respond with rises testosterone.

For diet: essential fatty acids are important, alcohol lowers testosterone, sleep is important.

I’ve heard that soy has estrogen in it. If you have too much estrogen it interferes with testosterone.

Basically, eat really well, and stress your entire body during workouts. Work out to the limit every time. Your body will be forced to produce more testosterone and your diet wont interfere.

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Here’s the video I learned that from a while ago. I probably missed a few things, please watch it:

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Depends if you’re a guy or girl. But a general rules is that protein is good; carbs for exercise energy (pre workout), and protein for muscle (post workout). Your bodys protein usage will plateu eventually where having more won’t do anything since your body cannot store protein. So, lots of protein after workout (~20g) then spread out the rest during the day (most need about 80g a day, more if it’s an exercise day). A variety of proteins is important since not all forms of protein have all the essential amino acids (which is why vegetarians need to be careful).

As for testosterone, well, that’s not really changable. And even if it was it probably wouldn’t be a good idea since the effects of too much testosterone can have negative effects (a graph of optimal effects would show a bell curve shape). Testosterone in too large amounts can cause acne, moodiness, increased risk for heart attack/stroke/CVA/etc, baldness, loss of period (if you’re female), and more. Other symptoms might mimick the symptoms of steroid use. The correct dose of testosterone is a complicated measurement and shouldn’t be screwed around with unless you’re deficiant (and should only be done by a doctor). I cannot think of any other artificial way of increasing testosterone that is safe. I would advise against it.

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