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Is Bicknell Ave (about .5 mile from beach) in Santa Monica CA a safe neighborhood?

Asked by Calivisit10 (7points) April 13th, 2010 from iPhone

We are renting a home and want to ensure that is a safe area to stay. Also, any non-tourist/off the beaten path suggestions for dining or sightseeing would be great if you are familiar with the area. But I am most concerned with being in a safe neighborhood . Thanks!

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It’s a decent area. Go here and click on ‘street view’ to check it out.

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There is no such thing as a safe neighborhood, and as soon as I tell you that my friend lives there and has never had a problem, his next door neighbor might have a home invasion. He loves the neighborhood, and raised his three children there.

The tone of a neighborhood is more easily seen in the corner store. Does it have bars on the windows? Is there always a crowd of unsavory looking people outside the market? Those are the best clues.

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Well I don’t know if there’s always a crowd at the market or bars on the windows because I live like 3000 miles away. Hence why I am asking this question :) but thank you

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@Calivisit10 You can see the entire neighborhood on the Google street view

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Yes, Bicknell Ave in Santa Monica is a safe neighborhood. Especially west of Lincoln, which it sounds like is where you’re talking about. The only remotely “unsafe” area around there is much further south in Venice (e.g. Brooks Ave), and even that is not so much dangerous as gritty.

Personally, if you like living near the beach, Bicknell Ave in Santa Monica is a beautiful, desirable neighborhood. The ocean air is awesome, the weather is beautiful, and you’re walking distance from some great restaurants and cafes.

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