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What do you think about Lomo Photography?

Asked by abbydowns (79points) April 13th, 2010

I have one camera by this company that is pretty good, thinking about buying another. Suggestions?

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Don’t you mean Lomography?

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Fine for people who don’t actually understand or appreciate real photography. It is sort of like asking what you think about a twenty year old Ford wagon as compared to a new Ferrari. The Dianas and their ilk have a following among some people – I have yet to see a competent photographer who considers them more than an amusing toy.

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They’re technically a toy camera but for those that either have outright photographic talent or are even budding, they can create some gorgeous retro prints. I have a friend who shoots a lot of Holga and her work is amazing. You should go to Flickr and just type in “Holga” and you’ll bring up a lot of the work others have done.

(Oh, just saw that your question was about other cameras to get. The Holga and the Diana will pretty much give you the same idea)

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What’s wrong with it being an amusing toy?
There are plenty of people who like this thing, maybe even the occasional pro.

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@rebbel What’s wrong with it being an amusing toy?

There is nothing wrong with toys, but considering poor quality prints from badly made low quality light-leaking camera to be “special” for some reason is beyond me. It is like considering a child’s finger painting usually found attached to a frig to be art. They are NOT retro – in early times cameras produced excellent quality images – not rubbish like these cameras.

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@rebbel I understand that taking pictures with a camera such as the holga is more point and shoot rather then learning the art of photography but you cannot deny the amazing colors and details that a Lomo Holga can produce:

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Well. it’s a matter of taste then, for me (i can like a finger painted painting by a todler as much as a Lomo-photo).

I think that reply was meant for @figbash ?

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Their effect has become a cliche to be parodied in PhotoShop.

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@rebbel hahaha it was actually ment for @DarkScribe my bad.

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@abbydowns hahaha it was actually ment for @DarkScribe my bad.

In that case I will deny it. I regard that image as very poor quality, colour and sharpness both off – it is over saturated and under-exposed.

We will not agree on this subject – I have been a keen photographer for too long.

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@DarkScribe agree to disagree, I think this is just a new generation of photographers.

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@DarkScribe **Young Photographers

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@abbydowns _ agree to disagree, I think this is just a new generation of photographers._

Ok, but it is far from new. It is older than you (probably) are. They were used as “throwaway” cameras in the early eighties – the factory that made them described them as toys. You found them in party favours. The Diana’s (similar cheap and nasty camera) dates back to the sixties.

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its in a whole different class than other photography so i wouldnt even compare the two. i think the pictures can be really interesting and fun to look at, and i’m sure the cameras are fun to play around with. it’s just something different.

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