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What is one example of how Obama appeals to the following fear patriotism, religion, and hope in his Inaugural Speech?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) April 13th, 2010

I need this really quick, my girlfriend is doing an assignment and this is her question, Sorry if I can’t explain anymore detail but thats all it says.

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I gave you the link for the speech transcript once.
That’s about all the help we can do on Fluther considering you flat out said it was a school assignment.

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Tell your girlfriend to read her textbooks, instructors don’t just ask assignment questions without giving the students tools to answer the questions. (what kind of question is this for a class anyways lol…). You are already on the internet, look up the freaking speech…..

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your answer is invalid @Trillian .

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Well, when he started picking his nose the people in front seemed somewhat fearful that he would flick it at them. While some just hoped that he wouldn’t, others prayed and some of the smarter ones held their flags up and hid behind them.

There, that should get your “girlfriend” out of trouble. All of your criteria met. Fear, hope, patriotism (Flag waving), and religion.

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All right, allow me to rephrase. Tell your girlfriend to do her own homework. If you can’t manage that, go ahead and do it for her yourself. We are not going to.

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@Trillian We are not going to.

Aw, shucks – I just did.

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@DarkScribe Hehehe! That is a well thought out answer too. Nicely done!

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Just because it’s a school project doesn’t mean it can’t be discussed online. Giving ideas isn’t doing the assignment. . .

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@zophu Giving ideas isn’t doing the assignment. . .

I am sorry, I didn’t realise that what you wanted was just an idea.


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Maybe look at how an early part of the speech acknowledges the difficulties the country faces but then implies that they can be overcome if the country unites to do so. (hope, patriotism) There’s at least one reference to scripture. He mentions “worn-out dogmas” holding politics back. You can probably get everything you need before you go 10 paragraphs in.

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You need this really quick? Is this the purpose of Fluther?

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