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What should I use to jailbreak my second gen iPod touch?

Asked by XOIIO (18264points) April 13th, 2010

I needed to re-jailbreak it because when updated cydia it messed up and wouldn’t work. I restored it, and got the 3.1.3 os for free A bit of a curse and a blessing and am having trouble finding what to use. I tried redsn0w 9.4 but it doesn’t make any sense. I just need links to what software will work with windows, and how to use it simply. If you can get the just of redsn0w than please help, but for some reason 9.4 doesn’t make any sense.

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plain and simple use the best resource there is for learning to jailbreak: youtube. blackra!n is the best jailbreak method i know.

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Unfortunately there’s no unlocking for the software update 3.1.3. You need to downgrade back to 1.2 (use and then go ahead with the jailbreak. Try PwngeTool.

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@iaresven Well I had jailbroken with 2.2.1, now I’ve seen a bunch of stuff about jailbraking 3.1.3, not sure now though.

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