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How can I get my silly little 1990 Ford Ranger to pass it's Gas Evap test?

Asked by Jerikao (286points) April 13th, 2010

I have a 1990 Ford Ranger that I recently obtained from my parents. It needs to pass smog before April 30th, when I need to renew the registration. I went to a test only station (as is required for this vehicle) and the first test station I went to was unable to perform the test. His machine kept aborting before starting the test. My father (a mechanic) seemed to think this meant the person testing was trying to test it as though it had a more advanced computer than it does. The Ford Ranger didn’t have OBD2 computers until 1996 (he thinks). So I took it to another station and failed on two aspects of the test. The EGR valve is non-functioning and the fuel evap test failed.

Since then, I have peeked under the hood a bit and spoke with my father a bit more. One thing I noticed is that the housing for the air filter is nowhere near being sealed. In fact, it is cracked and loosely open on one side (you could probably remove the air filter without unscrewing anything…).

I was wondering if anyone had some insight into this problem.

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I meant April. not August…

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If the housing for the air box is cracked it might indicate some “serious” backfiring. That could be caused by bad timing (cam/timing drive gear/belt/chain) or damaged gaskets – air leaks. If that is the case you might not have the EGR working – causing excessive fuming. Backfiring tends to damage EGR valves. I am not familiar with that model, but have seen something similar on other vehicles of that vintage.

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Having driven it around for a while now, I have had no experience with it backfiring at all. The air box on this model is located on the left side of the engine compartment and tucked in very nicely above the wheel well. While the truck doesn’t backfire… It certainly rattles pretty bad between 35 mph and 45 mph. Once you get above that it mellows out.

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