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Do giraffes have a call?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) April 13th, 2010

I don’t think I have ever heard a giraffe. Are they mute beast? Do they grunt?

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I’m not an expert, but as I remember it, giraffes are silent and have no larynx. I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

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if i am recalling correctly i think they kinda growl because a zoo i once visited we could feed them and they made strange noises other than that i have never heard them make a specific noise

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They make a noise very similar to a sheep Or a grunting noise.
So the best description would be a baaa or a… URRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Here is an example

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Adult giraffes generally don’t make noise. Calves call out with this ungodly groan/wale when threatened.

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I am skeptical.

You should all pool your funds and send me to Giraffe Manor to investigate.

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@rangerr Awesome! Now I know what to do when my son says, “and on his farm he had a giraffe…”

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@ubersiren With an URRRR URRRRR here…

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I spent an hour at Henry Vilas Zoo on Sunday,waiting for my son to take photos of 3 giraffes. They uttered not a sound. Thanks @rangerr. Now I can tell the grandkids.

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If they lived in the Pokemon world, they would say, Giraffe! Giraffe!


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