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Tumblr css help?

Asked by dropdeadgorjess (8points) April 13th, 2010

i’m trying to make this tumblr theme really neat because i want it to be easy to read, etc. i would like to know the code on how i could shorten a text post, then make a link to the permalink so the viewer can read all of it. i know how to make the permalink but how can i shorten up a text post?

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My instinct is that CSS will not be able to help you with this…probably some scripting and HTML is in order. CSS will only change the look and feel of a page, not the function (having a short blurb that can link to the full post is a function kind of thing).

I’m not particularly familiar with Tumblr theming, so I can’t give any specific help. Do you know of any themes that have this functionality, and can you look at the code to figure out how it’s done?

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Your best bet here is javascript. And that is a bit of a wreck too. You can do this in CSS but it will break in in Firefox and Safari so that is pretty much worthless.

If I could see the theme I might be able to whip something up. But without knowing what I am working with it is simply a waste of my time.

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