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Is something wrong with me? I don't like people.

Asked by loverainx33 (67points) April 13th, 2010

Lately, I’ve been getting very annoyed of my friends and everyone else. I act sociable and nice to everyone but I’m actually really annoyed by them because I notice things that are wrong with them. I feel better when I just hang out by myself. I don’t want to be like this but I just don’t know. People just annoy me too much.

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me neither

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Are you a teenager?

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You are irritable, and irritability can sometimes be a symptom of an affective disorder such as depression. I suggest a visit to a clinician, to at the very least rule that out.

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atually I think is the other way around: people don’t like me, is there something wrong with me????

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I notice things that are wrong with them.

Yeah, people have flaws. So do you.

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It’s a fantastic idea to have some “you time”. Sometimes, it’s a great idea to have a lot of it. You’ll find many people on fluther say that they value thier alone time (actually, that’s pretty funny!).

It could be you, or your friends, or both, adding to the problem. Trouble at home, or new responsibilities can have the same effect. But you know what hit me when I read it? You’re doing some growing. You’re maturing. When that happens, it CAN look like your friends are annoying. Instead of dropping your old friends, why not add some new ones? Perhaps those with whom you find more in common now.

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No I’m not a fan of people either. I don’t even think I like you.

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People are social animals. We have evolved to cooperate with each other. This gives us a serious survival advantage. Having said that, there are always outliers—people who need to spend most of their time alone. Other people get on their nerves—perhaps because they have a condition like autism, or perhaps because they just can’t handle the stress of working with and communicating with other people.

There are hermits—people who go off an live on their own. On the other hand, sometimes this annoyance with people could be situational. Maybe the people you are dealing with are all jerks. Maybe you don’t have the right people around you. Maybe you are having a tough time, and everything is irritating you.

I’d take a wait and see attitude. If this doesn’t go away on it’s own, then I’d visit a physician or a mental health professional, just to see what they have to say. I’m sure any competent mental health professional could find a treatable condition there. But, if it isn’t bothering you to hide yourself away, then maybe it’s not a problem. On the other hand, if this is a sign of depression, I’d seriously want you to see someone as soon as possible.

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No there is nothing wrong with you. People don’t like me either. I seem to repel them.

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Where’s my violin when I need it?

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@SeventhSense I know, I’m having a bad day. Sorry.

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Nothing wrong with you. I don’t like people much either. Some people are loners. There is nothing wrong with us. We do not find it necessary, like so many others, to be liked. Sure, it is nice, but for people like us it is not the pinnacle of existence and it isn’t something horrible if other do not care for us.

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Stay by yourself then for now.

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And he’s convinced people are jealous of his ears.

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who? rahm_sahriv?

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No Spock. :)~

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The reason it’s easy to find fault with others is because you can’t bear that someone will find fault with you. If you stop looking for fault you will probably notice anxiety at maybe making a mistake or looking stupid. This is what you have to face. It’s seems easier to avoid the anxiety but don’t get trapped in this thinking. It’s too much of a cop out.
FEAR is an acronym. It can mean Fuck Everything And Run or
Face Everything And Recover.
And I actually might like you if you don’t ask to borrow any money.

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For me. It’s people that are the problem cause it suggests multiple individuals and they (people) tend to be very stupid indeed. So as I say, “I don’t like people I just like persons”.
Being alone is good for the soul, and then means you can choose your company wisely.

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Maybe you need more independence. Value your time alone and make the best of it, develop your values. Once you have a place of your own to stand on when being around other people, you’ll not be so bothered by their shortcomings.

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I think @dpworkin is right: that much irritability is a sign that something more is going on. People are annoying, all right—all of us, at some time or other—but to be mad at all of them all the time is just too much for a normal, healthy state of mind. That’s a sign that you should indeed look inward for the cause.

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Yes, but most likely this is temporary. Being on your for a while will give you time to think. Then find one person you trust and talk about it.

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