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Should left-handers with bad handwriting be accepted into society?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) April 13th, 2010

I’m a left-handed man, who’s had many broken wrists and arms, and I’ve been persecuted by teachers over my handwriting up to until the invention of mainstream computing and my future was set by the marks in grade school. How can society move to accept those who don’t fit in perfectly and empower those who’s disabilities are overcome over time (by therapy and technology ect…)

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Is being left-handed a disability? Or are you saying all lefties have bad hand writing?

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Another persecuted leftie.

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@RedPowerLady some people think so…but I mean bad handwriting is the disability. Maybe I should learn Hebrew? its writen right to left

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I would hope so. As a right hander with impossible to read handwriting, I don’t want to be thrown out because of that. I can type, you know. Who cares if I can write by hand? It’s rapidly becoming an obsolete skill.

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Being left-handed is not a disability. Bad handwriting and being left-handed do not go hand-in-hand. Pun intended.


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I’m a lefty. I’m not persecuted. Maybe I found the perfect lost world.

I’ve worked with, known, and am married to a person that has terrible penmanship. I’m a lefty, he’s a right-handed person. There is no disability. My writing is neat, his is messy. Neither of us are being shunned by the world.

Where are you finding a lot of strife when it comes to your writing?

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I’m left handed and my handwriting sucks.

Us lefties are genetically superior, ya know?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard thats what I keep telling them… lol

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My brother is a lefty and has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. It’s often mistaken for a woman’s writing. He is actually ambidextrous, so I wonder if this is why his handwriting is so pretty. He writes lefthanded, but participates in sports with his right hand such as bowling, batting, throwing.

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@chyna your brother must be the chosen one… the one to liberate all lefties….you must tell me how he does it?

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@talljasperman I wish I knew. I’m a righty and my writing is horrible. I have to print in order for people to read it.

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My eldest son is right handed and has dysgraphia. He was lost until we taught him how to type and now he hardly hand writes at all. We used to joke that if his poor handwriting continued we would encourage him to become a doctor.

talljasperman's avatar… sounds like me… I can’t tie my shoes either…. I just slip my shoes on and I’m 32

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Absoultely not! To the chamber with all of you!

If you can accept my awful spelling than I can accept you for your horrid handwriting. Everyone has a flaw…handwriting should be considered minor to what else you could be terrible at.

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@cak The teacher didn’t like me much seing I had her for two years grade 5 and 6… she even wrote me as a hell raising character in her book…Among Schoolchildren…the location was changed to U.S.A to protect us I guess

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One of my nephews is left-handed. He had difficulties in his first school because the kindergarten teacher had some fairly outmoded ideas. My sister soon sorted that out, but his handwriting, to this moment, resembles chicken tracks. Very neat chicken tracks and readable, but it is not handsome (no pun intended). At the same time, he is quite bright and was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at age 40. Since the diagnosis, he has returned to school. There must be something about left handedness. I don’t know what the surveys say, but in my experience, left handed children tend to the brighter end of the spectrum.

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I fuck left handed and I’m pretty gdoo.

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@TheLoneMonk – ... dare I ask?

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Wait, my youngest son is disabled? Why did no one tell me this before? He is left-handed and his writing is no better or worse than that of his brothers at this age.

P.S. I was thrilled to have a left-handed son! Whenever sports fans see that he is a south paw they encourage me to teach him to pitch or to throw a football, apparently he could make enough money to keep his mother comfortable in her golden years.

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Um I left handed and I have pretty decent hand writing and on top of it I can draw and paint very well. My boy friend on the other hand is a righty and has the most god awful hand writing ever. I actually know many people who are right handed and have horrible penmanship.

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Should right handers with bad handwriting be accepted into society?

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@talljasperman – I had a teacher that insisted that I learn to write with my right hand. I did and was told how bad my writing was…by the same teacher. I also wasn’t great at tying my shoes, I did it very weird and still do!

Yes, left handers and right handers with poor writing should be accepted and not shunned. Besides, look at all the doctors with bad writing, it hasn’t slowed them down!

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@cak I tie shoes weird too. But I’m right handed. It took me forever to learn how. I think I must’ve been in second grade by the time I learned.

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@chyna Crap. I made it through grad school and still don’t do it in a normal way – in fact, I didn’t teach my children…grandparents or hubby did! Good thing I love flip flops. :)

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@cak Yeah, I can’t teach anyone to tie and I can’t tie another person’s shoe. It never comes out right. Velcro!

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