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Is it possible to train for a half marathon in 5 weeks?

Asked by rskaletz (81points) April 13th, 2010

5 weeks to go from zero to hero, can it be done?
Assume I have not run in a long time.

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What is your general fitness level now? How much running and other athletic experience do you have?

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Probably not.

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You should definitely talk to your doctor about this, it could be a bad plan.

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My brother trained for a triathlon in one month and made it out alive.
Just do it!:)

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As long as you’re in good general shape then yeah.Take it easy though, as long as you finish don’t worry about the time or anything, good luck.

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If you’re in physically good shape and in good health, I would say yes, perfectly possible. However, I would expect you to be sore for a little while as a result of training.

If you do have any reservations about your health (or simply don’t have a clue how your body is holding up), you really should talk to your doctor, though.

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If you used to run you should have no problem doing it. Invest in some really good running shoes and start out slow. Add in some biking to help build endurance and take some of the pounding off your legs. There are some great running forums that will give you good training tips. Have fun!

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Not if you expect to place in it – not a chance.

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Yes, for some people it may be doable…granting that they have the appropriate time and energy to devote to it. Of course, you can’t expect to be finishing with the top finishers….

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Join Kickrunners They are an awesome site and may be able to help you build a solid running plan to get you to your goal.

Good luck!

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do it! i did, and with less training than a month. i’ll just echo some of the above comments and say 1) don’t do it to win it but rather just to finish, 2) relatedly, don’t push yourself to a crazy beyond your limit (there’s no shame in taking the half slower, even walking some parts), 3) good running shoes!...they should feel like little pillows on your feet :), 4) know that you’re gonna be sore, real sore, for like a week, but that’s cool :)

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