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What's the symbolism in my dream?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) April 14th, 2010

I dreamt that I opened my front door at night, and outside there was a pile of rotting bones on the front lawn. There’s hundreds of flies hovering the pile. I then see a huge mosquito, it was going to strike me. But, I was quick enough to escape and close the door, with the tip of it’s needle nose through the peephole. What does the bones, flies, and mosquito mean?

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That sounds freaky as hell. I looked something up, but these things have a lot of different meanings, of course. It sounds like the bugs are teh main part. No pun intended, but is someone buggin you or annoying you at all? Putting a positive spin on it, it could mean that you will find the strength to overcome an annoying person. Maybe?

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It means you need to get out more. Dreams are often strange and I don’t believe for a second that they contain hidden messages to guide you through life. I do think that they are often a reflection of anxieties however. Wouldn’t life be so much better if we could program our dreams to life a “perfect” virtual life every night?

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I would guess that something very unpleasant for you is over and done with (or dead) but is still bothering you ( hence the giant mosquito) You are able to close the door on it successfully but it’s not quite ready to go away.

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It means that you were asleep – nothing more. Dreams are NOT predictors or omens, they are just a subconscious expressing itself randomly.

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Seeing bones in your dreams.
Seeing a mosquito in your dreams.

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OMG people….stop with the “dreams mean nothing” comments EVERY TIME someone posts a question like this. It gets really old, and I’m sure the poster doesn’t really appreciate it…and I’m sure no one actually thinks that we are going to help divulge some secret of their future.

ANYWAY…..Dreams are usually reflective of what is going on in your waking life. They often let you experience emotions that you can’t express when you’re awake, and often can help you sort out internal conflicts…I think the fact that the dream takes place out side your home is very meaningful. Maybe there is an issue that Is keeping you from feeling at peace and safe in your home/family environment, making you feel trapped. And the thought of approaching this issue is scaring the crap out of you.. You will always be the best interpretor of your own dreams….scary dreams like this can mean you are getting sick too.

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Well, I read @marinelife‘s links, so I’d extrapolate from that that you have some strengths that are greater than you imagined but are being threatened by a person or situation that is really close to you, and about to get a foot in the door if you aren’t more vigilant.

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So let’s see. Your front door is your main entrance to the world. In terms of you, the way you face the world most of the time. However you are opening it at night, which is a secretive time when no one will notice. This suggests that there is a dark or secret side to your main way of facing your life or facing the world.

Outside? Rotting bones. It takes a long time for bones to rot. Who knows what the bones are or where they are from, but I presume this is a part of yourself you killed off a long time ago. Or thought you killed off. But there it is, when you take a secret look at yourself. A look that no one else will ever see.

Over those bones are flies. Carrion eaters. Pests. They birth maggots. Whatever, they are trying to dispose of the remains of this part of you that you thought you killed off.

So then the huge mosquito appears. Mosquitos are annoyances, and they can make you itch or even pass on diseases. So we have a giant annoyance that has potentially serious consequences although more likely just annoying consequences, except that it is huge, which means those annoying consequences could end up being huge.

You avoid it, but it is sticking its proboscis through your peephole, anyway. I.e., your view out on the world.

I would say that you are dealing with some kind of old problem that you used to experience in ordinary life. You thought you’d dealt with it, but, no matter how hard you try to keep it away—no matter how strong your walls of defense are, it is still out there, and it is growing stronger again. It is now clouding your way of looking at your daily life.

This is probably a childhood problem. I think that shyness or being bullied would be examples of this, although it could be many other things. Whatever—let’s say it’s shyness—it is coming back, and it is bigger than before (suggesting something happened in the intervening time that made this problem more significant—if it were shyness, maybe you got a job involving lots of public speaking or maybe it is now hindering you from finding a mate), and even though you think you’ve made yourself safe from it, it it coming back more than you consciously realize. Hence your dream tells you.

So, what about that? Does that ring any bells or does it seem like complete bullshit? It’s a dream for God’s sake. Who knows? I’m just doing symbolic interpretation on the fly. For the sake of pride, I hope this makes sense. For your sake, I hope it’s nonsense.

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DarkScribe is the only person talking sense here.

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shut up beautifulbobby…lol jk. I always thought of rotting bones as death, like your death, either realistically, or a symbolic part of yourself like @wundayatta said. I personally like reading questions like these, also the answers because usually the following night or maybe a couple nights later I will have a vivid dream. btw @beautifulbobby193 i was jk no hard feelings but what @j0ey said about dreams being a way for your subconscious speaking to your conscious brain has some standing behind it, you can’t just throw it out cause you don’t like it

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