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What is the safest way to use a cell phone?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) March 10th, 2008

I know it can’t be good to use one all the time, and I just got one for work that is my primary phone. I do have a headset and have a couple options: a headset with the cord attached, or using bluetooth. Is one safer than the other? What are those little button/sticker things called that you can put on the phone that supposedly increase the safety?

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you mean when you drive? Bluetooth is safest to me, I dont like chords. They get in the way.

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Speaker phone!

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The safest way is NOT TO USE CELL PHONE.

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for my birthday last year my boyfriend bought me a stereo for my car with built in bluetooth, and I love it. It is like a speskerphone, only downfall is that everyone can here your business that’s in the car with you.

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I think the poster was asking about the medical safety of a cell phone, no? To my knowledge, there has been no medical evidence that cell phones are medically unsafe. If you’re worried, use a headset.

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yes i meant that i dont want to get giant brain tumors from chatting on the phone. it can’t be good!!

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there has not be enough research done on the heath effects of cell phones. there certainly has not been any conclusive study. so you should not assume that a cell phone is going to give you a brain tumor, although it is possible and you can’t really be too careful.

a non-bluetooth, wired earpiece is absolutely the safest option. bluetooth earpieces use radio waves, which might cause brain cancer just like the radio waves coming from the cell phone itself. bluetooth is lower power than the phone, but since you can’t be too careful, you might want to avoid it.

not to be snarky, but here are some other objects to stay away from if you’re worried about electromagnetic radiation: computers, televisions, toasters, WIFI routers… you should stay at least 12 to 18 inches away from all of these things while they’re switched on if you want to minimize your exposure to radio waves.

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p.s. the “safety stickers” are pure marketing nonsense. don’t waste your money.

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